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Give Thankhs Goddess AST
In Response To: Dr. Ben update *NM* *LINK* ()

Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan
Bay Park Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation
801 Co-Op City Boulevard. Room 301
Bronx, NY 10475

Give thankhs Sis.

Dr. Ben is so important to the mental liberation of entire generations. But I can say through personal experience that nursing home laws are so complex and it is possible that the nursing home may legally be able to confiscate the moneys sent as offset for the care they are providing him.

What would be better AND would open up more national and international avenues of sending funds is to set up a Trust Fund or Foundation. That way, funds would not be considered his income. Also, the remittance of credit cards and checks and money orders is possible. What if someone like Wesley Snipes, who is heavily influenced, would want to send a G or something? And in his situation it would warrant an accounting of that donation. Most people would want to be able to have it accounted that they gave back to Dr. Ben.

Not only that, people could also donate moneys in weekly or montly recurring intervals. Also, fund raisers and auctions could be set up with funds going into an account and not being considered income and thus not attachable to the nursing home.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND. Sometimes, a nursing home may have the resident sign over the homes and other assets as an offset to the expenses of their care.

The way Sara is presenting this, and the response this should get would cause a overwhelming influx of CASH which could easily be “lost” or “misdirected” by staff or even postal workers.

Who is Doc’s guardian? This person would end up having to deposit the cash into a bank anyway. But there would be no accounting/auditing means in place.

Actually, this is somewhat suspicious. I cannot believe someone else has not stepped up. A call for “cash only” is never good. There would have to be someone at the nursing home receiving envelopes daily on his behalf, the way this is set up now. And possibly, the nursing home (it is their property) could actually have someone receiving the money directly because some nursing homes become a person’s guardian. (Or actually the resident could be a ward of the state) because most likely there could be a Medicare situation and they are paying for his care. So the gov't could legally attach his money.

It is very complicated and very ugly.

If necessary, I will go to NY my damn self if I do not see methods in place to assure proper benefits and care and accountability for Doc Ben.

When someone posted that Baba Marcus was in a hospital in Baltimore, I was intending on going to see him (surprise!). But the poster quickly replied that he was discharged. Now, seeing that Baba Ben is in a home, I intend to see him as well.

This definitely needs to be looked into further and ones need to UNITE and implement anything that would be in Dr. Ben's best interest AND NOT THE NURSING HOME AND NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

-always seeking, with prayers to the spark of consciousness


BTW, PS to Seti. C'mon bro, don't exploit Doc in that state to promote your indictments against others or "fakes" as you say.

ALL attention should be with Doc, not anyone else.

Why not ask the man what caused him to look into that history?

Why not ask the man if he knows that he woke up, thus has initiated the healing of a generation? and if he can feel that love and energy?

Why not ask the man how he is doing/feeling?

Energy/Prayer/Meditation/Visitations can do more than money...and "cash only" at that.

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Dr. Ben update *NM* *LINK*
Give Thankhs Goddess AST
I agree with your criticism...
word/power to the concerns

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