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Re: respect noble ras heru, but

(putting his right hand on his heart)

Islam again isciple/brother:

"Actually, yes. In a conversation, which is used to convey one's thoughts, the intention is to convert. Otherwise ones would hold their tongues. Con-vert means to join (Con) in the truth (Vert) align our unite our stances So by speaking publicly we are ALWAYS trying to "convert". That is the truth of the matter."

Nice little break down, and i actually learned the definition of con-vert, but it didnt have to go that far cuz the point is STILL MISSED concerning what i said. The point was, did i ever try to convert you to the islam that 'I' practice? upon observation, the asnwer would clearly be no. Islam is the water and the cup that holds it is the culture. Just adding that.

"Because that is an egotistical cop-out. Tell me fellow Son of the Sun what under the Sun is YOURS and not MINES? Tell me how in ancient times or in the present times in indigenous cultures so much emphasis was placed on individuality? You know as well as I do that spirituality is a COLLECTIVE harmony that encompasses EVERYTHING. The opposite of EVERY is EXCLUSION. By the nature of your stance, it IS indeed exclusive."

Im glad that you realize that this is the same Ras Heru that u used to reason with, and u realize the ancient understanding that we both have as fundamental. Anyhow, the earth is indeed ours collectively, but my statement was NOT a cop-out (where did the ego-tistical come from?) becuz it do hold marcus garvey in HIGH esteem, and so far, i havent seen any other understanding that better than "every man must worship (my prophet drew ali said the worship part) under their OWN vine and fig-tree"; i hope you dont think i meant that we should carve up different parts of the earth-land and share it out to whom ever like the beast/european did? If thats what you think, your off. Everyone is planning a cure in this struggle, this, to me, seems like one that will work.

"Are we not still seeking ONENESS and UNITY and HARMONY as brothers and sisters against the poisonings of the enemy or is that a played out concept and we are now funky fresh for 09?"

As i stated, eventho ONENESS is and UNITY is DEFINITELY the KEY, we do have DIFFERENT WAYS to combat the this 'poisoning' of this most venimous snake. What ay do you have in mind? im sure another has a different way; my roach spray is different from yours, eventho the destiny might be the same.

"I asked you to make the distinction between the other BIG 2 for me in regards to the acknowledgment of the Feminine Divine. We both realize that they come from PAGAN indigenous roots, the "rivers of Kemet" as you stated. So I am simply asking for the explanation of how and why and when the Feminine principle was removed/suppressed/deleted in the following of Islam (or AL-Islam), and how this was implemented any differently from to the way it was removed/suppressed/deleted from other monotheistic followings in that region, namely hebrewism and xtianity."

As you didnt object to anything that i said in my responce, i will leave this part alone. I dont know the whole verbatim history of what happened, but all i can add is that the Islam that SOME of the moors practiced should be understood with common sence, since they were under kemetic protection and were given habitation through kemet (their predessesors the moabites). I will say, Sufic Islam is different from Al-islam, this is all i can say on this.

"If the truth of the matter is that YOUR God is not acknowledged in terms of recognizing the feminine principle, then that is the plain truth of the matter."

"MY" Father God--Allah, the FIRST 'MAN' who did walk this earthland, is BEFORE the split....

"If the truth of the matter is that you do not feel it is necessary or important to speak of or acknowledge the feminine, then that is the plain truth of the matter."

Come on nile-child, im sure you should know te answer to that lmao.

"I am just trying to find out precisely what is the difference between the 3 in this regard:

I understand bruva; and all i can say is, some deviated from the truth that both is divine, some havent and NEVER LEFT that understanding. Peace & Love

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