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Re: the ONE divine CREED

"We discussed this a long time ago... I find it highly insuting and disrespectful to our ancestors to say the majority of us weren't brought over here."

Let me re-interpret what i am trying to say. NONE can dismiss the maafa and what the beast did and also the dynamics of it. The moors also had slaves, both european and asiatic (so-called white & black), and how it came to be is ugly. However, whether the majority of us were brought over here or not, the fact still remains that the SAME people that were taken into slavery; the SAME people had their exact people over here who were not slaves, and STILL was in their proper persona or proper-person. We got fooled and betrayal of our own people took place. That which it takes to be a nation was taken from the slaves, and the names that delude to slavery was placed there-in (marks of the beast).

The problem is, it wasnt the fact that many of our people were brought over here that was the problem, it was the carrying over of our minds, from one pychology to a foreign one. This is the problem.

"As Seti says "It was the global (bleep) economy". The depopulation of Africa, and the simultaneous exponentioal growth rates in Asia and Europe prove this. Can you please explain how you think of this as 'fact', all the evidence I have seen proves the exact opposite."

Yes, i do know that the beast(s) became fat from enslaving us, and that itself proves that it was a BIG thing. I dont take anything that the european gave me as information on face value. They say "the majority of negroes came over here on slave-ships", but some of us havent tried to find out how many of us were over here in these americas as well. Alot of things just dont add up to me. I did get happy over trigger happy information that i have recieved, thats why i did state it as a 'fact', for that i am FOOLISH. My concern these days, is not how many people were brought over here, but about the information about those that were over here already and why they werent in that exact slave situation of their brothers and sisters.

"Yes of course there were some African phenotype people over here... Damn near everyone had been here before the EUropeans... There was global trade for millenia, but to say most of us weren'y sstolen from Africa is a flat out lie.(and I wonder the psychological motivation for it)"

The reason why i stated it was a "flat-out-lie", was becuz im trying to get the point across that whether "most" of us came over here, or even only hundreds, the 'fact' does remain that, the SAME region from which alot were stolen; they did have communities over here (west africa right?). And as i will always re-interpret for better understanding, this will be my MAIN point.

"I also think comparing our hundreds of years long Maafa(thousands iff you count the East African slave trade as part of it) to that of the holocaust is insulting."

Im just merely saying that theres some in-consistencies in the information, just like theres some in-consistencies about the hollow-cost. I never said that ALL of the dynamics were the same, cuz the so-called jews were STILL the jews afterward. Ofcourse its not the same.

P.s- I REPEAT, my MAIN point from now onward concerning this SPECIFIC post, is that we already know that slavery happened and the dynamics of it; but what about those who were the same family as them and didnt have those things taken away from them, what were THYE dealing with?.....Peace & Love

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Re: the ONE divine CREED

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