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peace and hotep,



Obama = Slave =

(1) A person who is dominated by any unjust and/or incorrect force.

(2) A person who lacks both the will, and the ability, to find truth, and to use truth in such manner as to produce justice and correctness, at all times, in all places, in all areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War.

All people who exist in subjugation to Racism [White supremacy].

Slavery =

(1) Domination by any unjust, and /or incorrect force.

(2) The lack of both the will, and the ability, to find truth, and to use truth in such manner as to produce justice and correctness, at all times, in all places, in all areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War.


Every person in the known universe is a “slave”----at least to his or her own ignorance and/or weaknesses.

The slavery of Racism, however, is the most damaging form of injustice and incorrectness, that, also could be most easily avoided and/or eliminated.

It is a form of slavery in which truth is deliberately prevented from being used in a manner that would best promote justice and correctness among the people of the known universe in a relatively short span of time.

As long as White Supremacy (Racism) exists, do not speak, and/or act, as if any non-white person is responsible for any unjust and/or incorrect thing that happens, as a result of the acts of people, white or non-white. Speak, and/or of the act, as if the White Supremacists (Racist) are responsible.


Those white people who practice White Supremacy (Racism) are the smartest, and most powerful people in the known universe. Their power and influence is greater than that of all other people COMBINED.

Non-white people do nothing that is not endorsed, allowed, supported, and/or promoted by the White Supremacists, who collectively have more direct and/or indirect control over the bodies, brains, and general environment of ALL non-white people than the non-white people have over themselves or each other. It is, primarily, the Racists who can, and , so far, DO, determine what ALL non-white people do, or don't do.

Since EVERYTHING that a White Supremacist does is designed to dominate non-white people through deceit and/or direct violence, and/or through the general promotion of falsehood, non-justice, and incorrectness, it is, then, just and correct for any person who is a victim of White Supremacy to speak and/or act as if the White Supremacist are "responsible" for all non-just and/or incorrect speech or action by non-white people.

Under White Supremacy (Racism), any non-white person who says or does anything that EFFECTIVELY helps to promote justice, and/or correctness, becomes a TARGET for GREATER deceit, and/or direct violence, by Racists Men and/or Racist Women.

Speak and/or act to promote the use of the terms “Victim”, and/or “Victim of Racism”, to describe any person classified as, and/or who generally functions as, “Black”, and/or “non-white”.


Since large numbers of White” persons insist upon practicing Racism (as functionally related to “color” or “non-color” in people), and since no people called “Black” are subjugating people called “white”, it is correct to promote the terms that best describe the TRUTH.

The truth is that “white” people are “white” because they say that THEY are “white”, and “Black” people are “Black”, because “white” people who practice White Supremacy say that “Black” people are “Black”.

Since people who are classified as “white” are smarter, and more powerful, collectively, than the people that they call “Black”, then the people that they call “Black” are, in function, “Black”.

It is the smartest and most powerful people who decide the names for what is called “color” will have which name. the smartest and most powerful people also decide what the relationships between people will be, and how these relationships will be associated with the factors of “color” and/or “non-color”.

Word-terms such as “black”, “brown”, “colored”, “minority”, “mulatto”, “Negro”, “non-white”, “red”, “tan”, “yellow”, etc. , can, and do, promote great confusion when used in a manner that is not carefully and directly employed in a fully-explained connection to White Supremacy (Racism).

This is extremely important to remember because these terms owe their EXISTENCE to White Supremacy in the way that they are used in reference to Victim of Racism (“non-white” people).

For these reasons, when speaking of any matter involving so-called “racial” factors, it is best to use those terms which are, generally, best understood as well as accurate.

Examples of the BEST terms are as follows:

• Racists and/or White Supremacist = Any and all people who call themselves “white”, and, who, ON THAT BASIS, directly or indirectly practice subjugation of, and/or injustice against, any, and all people that they [“white people”] classify or treat as “Black” and/or “non-white”.

• Victims,

• Victims of Racism, and/or

• Victims of White Supremacy = Any, and all people, who “white” people, consider to be “black” and/or “non-white”, and who are subject to socio-material conditions dominated directly or indirectly, by White Supremacists (Racists).

" 'Blame" the White Supremacist (Racists) for all unjust acts that Victims of White Supremacy (non-white people) commit against each other.

Reason(s)/ Explanation(s):

Whereas the victims of White Supremacy who commit unjust acts, are guilty of having committed the acts, they are not responsible for the acts.

In any socio-material system dominated by White Supremacists (Racists), the White Supremacists are responsible for all unjust acts committed by persons who are subject to the power of the White Supremacists.

White Supremacy (Racism) itself is an unjust socio-material DICTATORSHIP. Therefore, the persons who are responsible for all unjust acts committed by persons who are subject to White Supremacy are not the persons who committed the acts [non-white people]. The persons responsible for the acts are the White Supremacists who are in charge of persons who committed the acts.

Since the White Nation (White Supremacists, collectively) is in charge of all of the non-white people in the known universe in all areas of activity, it is also in charge of all parts of the socio-material system (White Supremacy) that permits and/or encourages non-white people to commit unjust acts against one another. This system also inspires non-white people to value injustice rather than justice.

Therefore, whereas each and every Victim of White Supremacy (non-white person) should be stopped immediately from committing major unjust acts, it is each and every White Supremacist (Racist) who should be made to COMPENSATE for all unjust acts committed by any person, any place, at any time, since the establishment of White Supremacy.

When any non-white person commits any act of injustice against anyone while existing subject to White Supremacy, all White Supremacists are guilty of causing that act of injustice to be committed. It is the same as if they, themselves, committed the act, in person, rather than through the person of their subjects. The White Supremacists themselves are essentially the persons who actually committed the act of injustice.

Under White Supremacy (Racism), non-white people serve as tools and/or instruments through which major acts of injustice are committed.

Anytime that any non-white person does anything that is unjust and incorrect, it is those white people who practice White Supremacy who are responsible, and/or to 'blame'. They are the only people responsible. They are the only people to 'blame'. They are the people who have the dominant power to do the most to produce justice, and/or to allow others to produce it.

When talking to white persons about racial matters, or about any matter pertaining to the promotion of justice, make the following remarks:

"Your duty is to produce justice.
my duty is to make sure that justice is produced.
our duty is to eliminate all enjoyment, and all 'profit', from any activity that does not help produce justice".

Reason(s) / Explanation(s):

Every person in the known universe, white and non-white, has the basic duty to produce, or help to produce, justice.

The smartest, and most powerful people (particularly White Supremacist) have the greatest capability for producing justice, and, therefore, have the greatest responsibility,

The powerless, most pitiful, and most primitive people (non-white people , collectively), have the greatest disability for producing justice, and therefore , have the least responsibility.


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