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Re: loyal protectionist to the last...

There is no positive discussions when it comes to a black man who signs off on killing women and children for semitic/white/male interests. There is no positive discussion for a "black" man who places more importance on gazan violence than what is going on in his own 'home' continent. There is no vanilla. There is nothing to discuss.

You campaigned for this man as if he was supposed to be better. Better in what regard unless you are detached from the interests of humanity.

If you think the USA is holy and on God's side and righteous then bless you. But I will not be ignorant or in denial about the situation anymore. The USA is the scorn of the entire planet. The USA is the empire that George Lucas produced a movie about called Star Wars.

Obama is the WORST thing that could have ever happened to black resistance because now ones erroneously think we have an ally but we have the furthest thing from one.

You suckas played right into the game...with them knowing that uppity-wannabe black folk would buy up commemorative Ebony and be proud of their HIS-story book entries to tell your grandchildren...just like we are supposed to tell them we witnessed Lebron James.

You can't even criticize Obama around black folk like you. They act like you are dissing their Jesus. See, its the (masonic attached) ministers in church and civic leaders who pedestaled this man as a deliverer. The grassroots have ALWAYS sighted this man as a fraud/trojan horse/false prophet. But you have to already had bought into the semitic storyline of a divine deliverer in the first place. They just mold one to fit your expectations.

They got you pegged.

You can act like you never heard of octomom...
You can act like fighting Aids is fighting white/male supremacy...
You can act as if colorism is not a SIGNIFICANT subliminal engrainment in the psyches of black people ...

BUT you are not going to sit up here and tell me that this joker is nothing more than a cow-towing semitic pawn, as are ALL presidents. if ones were scratching their heads contemplating voting for Mccain, yeah right.


Are you REALLY proud of that???

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