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let me say this, leslie...

greetings and good to read your postings.

the article read:
""""""""A lot of people don't know the history of the New Deal of the 1930s. The New Deal didn't go far enough, but it had some very good ideas. And the reason the New Deal came to these good ideas was because there was huge agitation in this country, and Roosevelt had to react. So what did he do? He took billions of dollars and said the government was going to hire people. You're out of work? The government has a job for you.

As a result of this, lots of very wonderful work was done all over the country. Several million young people were put into the Civilian Conservation Corps. They went around the country, building bridges and roads and playgrounds, and doing remarkable things.

The government created a federal arts program. It wasn't going to wait for the markets to decide that. The government set up a program and hired thousands of unemployed artists: playwrights, actors, musicians, painters, sculptors, writers. What was the result? The result was the production of 200,000 pieces of art. Today, around the country, there are thousands of murals painted by people in the WPA program. Plays were put on all over the country at very cheap prices, so that people who had never seen a play in their lives were able to afford to go."""""""


What trick the concocted Depression and subsequent New Deal did was to transition private control to the government. Basically, America became 'Russian' but with hand outs and smiles instead of AK's and gulags. What this also did was allow the federal reserve to have pretty much "carte blanche" control over the economy.

And of course there was a world war that resulted in an established state of Israel and a new world power/order, with the USA leading the way...nice coincidence.

Fast forward to this Obama-era Depression where the government is gaining ownership of banks and the auto industry domestically and using the tame imagery of the black president and female secretary-of-state to expand capitalism under the front of a "war-on-terror" and to regulate/enforce the Mexican drugs via a "war-on-swine-flu" front in Mexico.

Bottom-line is totalitarianism with a pigment and a smile.

White male supremacy of the new age has melanin and a bosom now.

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