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Re: are obama and cheney playing "good cop, bad co

"Can someone entertain a reasoning that shows how America is less destruction/oppressive during the current 'Great' and 'Messianic' regime?"

* no. i think that in many ways his election has softened the stance of many "liberals" and "progressives." many are still just waiting for the "change" - although, to be fair, others are fed up already.

i brought up the good cop/bad cop analogy because in this way the obama admin is MORE dangerous. cheney is an out of the closet devil, people know he is an evil dic. obama does things not necessarily any less oppressive, but since you have the cheney counterpoint - obama makes it easier to digest.

but - this is about figureheads - the change doesn't come from figureheads. there is lots of work to be done on the ground by the people - this is the only way things are going to change.

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are obama and cheney playing "good cop, bad cop"? *LINK*
Re: are obama and cheney playing "good cop, bad co
Re: are obama and cheney playing "good cop, bad co
Re: are obama and cheney playing "good cop, bad co
Nothing u say here that I disagree with
I was talking to 360...(three six tee) *NM*
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Re: are obama and cheney playing "good cop, bad co

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