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Ayinde: black america...where do we go from here?

First of all, it is great to be able to share in your insights again. we are in the Obama regime. Truthfully, isn't this the WORST thing that could happen to us seeing how our guards are let down and now instead of being defiance/resistant, we are now complicit and supportive. For instance, the black radio station in my city is promoting wearing red white and blue. It is as if red, black and green are out of fashion...out of mind.

Not that those color schemes are fashionable but at least they served as reminders of the issues and struggles before us. Now, it is as if WMS has come completely clean. But in actuality, the greatest white-wash I have ever seen is what is being done currently in America.

IMO, it is a GIANT leap backwards in any gains for our people across the entire globe...look how Afrikan nations celebrated the Obama election.

Would you have ever imagined that they would pull a stunt like this before Obama was being publicly groomed? (I can remember his election in Illinois and thought that he could be a "manchurian" candidate if everything when well for him...well it did)

IMO, this is a worse time for us than slavery because at least during slavery, we had a resistant mindset. Now, our Americanized egos are our slavemasters AND it now serves a galvanized/strengthened America (and defeated Soviet Union) which means pretty much unimpeded doom for the world.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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Ayinde: black america...where do we go from here?
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