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Coroner: Look at relations with Rastafari *LINK*

Coroner: Look at relations with Rastafari

The Royal Barbados Police Force needs to look closely at its relationship with the Rastafarian community.

This recommendation came from Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris yesterday as she declared the death of Rastafarian IíAkobi Maloney a misadventure and suggested that he may have felt harassed by the barrage of questions from the police and that he ďpanicked and made a dash for freedomĒ when asked to escort them to the station.

The coroner noted that there was a high level of mistrust from the Rastafarian community against the police to the extent that Rastafarians had become paranoid and felt that there were constant forms of victimisation against them, even when that did not exist.

ARMED MEMBERS of the police Task Force were on hand to control the crowd at the Coroner's Court after yesterday's verdict into I'Akobi Maloney's death last year.


ďThere seems to be a great deal of tension, fear, mistrust and suspicion by the Rastafarian community, but by the same token, the community needs to look carefully at some of their actions which suggest that they are harbouring a victim mentality and may be looking for injustice where it is not intended,Ē said the coroner.

She was also very critical of how the police officers dealt with Maloneyís mother Marguerita Maloney, saying that they had given her incorrect information and that their actions may have led to the confusion she experienced surrounding her sonís death. (MB)

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Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death *LINK*
Re: Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death
Re: Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death
Just pushing this to d top b4 I go
I just throwin this to the top before I go
Never forget, never forgive *NM*
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Coroner: Look at relations with Rastafari *LINK*
Re: Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death *LINK*
Sign de petition and donate if you can: *NM* *LINK*
Re: Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death *LINK*
Re: Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death
Re: Questions about Ras IíAkobiís death
I hate them with perfect hatred
KIng David
I was going to post a psalm...

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