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Egypt slaughters pigs to stop flu *LINK*

Ever since this pandemic outbreak, we have been told that the virus can not be passed from animal to human. Also we have heard that the new strain of virus has not even been passed from pig to pig. Yet Egypt decides to slaughter pigs by the thousands. Infact there were reports on BBC and CNN this morning were farmers were being interviewed that they were beat up by government officials who were sent out to their farms to do the slaughtering. Now can it be that Egypt know something about this strain of flu, that the world's leading scientist are not telling us? Or is this a mere knee jerk reaction from Egyptian officials, due to the epidemic of bird flu that hit Egypt worst than any other nation?

Keep in mind that the farmers who raise these pigs are Christians. Muslims do not eat pork. Therefore The Christians are in the minortiy to fight this decision. Many Christians sight this as their only source of income, as many of them live in the slums of Egypt to begin with. Egypt estimates, that the slaughter of over 300,000 pigs will be complete anywhere between two weeks up until a month.

As far as governmental compensation is concerned, mixed reports are comming out. Reporters claim that compensation is comming, yet the farmers themselves claim that no compensation is comming from the government. In any event, it still raise one's curiosity as to the true motivation behind the slaughter. Scientificaly it is proven that humans can not get the swine flu from pigs. Some things I quess we will never know.

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