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They do that in ameriKKKa too...

... or ain't you been on a demonstration lately?
I don't know if you seen the one post where I was getting mad at disciple and I was talking about the first time I got tortured by the police (in the U.S.) Well, trust me I got off VERY LIGHTLY compared to what they were doing to people at that demo. I remember in particular there was one tiny wombman, couldn't have been more than five feet (white as it happens) who they had pressed up against the wall and they were repeatedly jabbing her in the guts with a baton with extreme force. One big fat hippy guy they got down on the ground and were literally jumping up and down on him. This was all shown on TV which it normally wouldn't be (they even interviewed me about the effects of pepper mace), but the reason it got shown is that they made the mistake of beating up and pepper spraying the news reporters as well, so that must've pissed em off enough to show the footage.
They are teddy bears compared to Guyana police though. Don't get caught with a small amount of ganja for your personal use in GT, you may be held for a week, dragged across concrete floors, have a gun pressed to your head (all in "fun" of course), oh, and have your wrists cut as well. Lovely people the GT police I tellin you.
Be Blessed

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Brighton, U.K. May 4th: Party 4 ur right to fight *LINK*
Re: Brighton, U.K. May 4th: Party 4 ur right to fi
They do that in ameriKKKa too...
Just to be clear...
May 4th a success: the struggle continues *NM* *LINK*

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