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Retirement *LINK*

Like all Generals, one must seek retirement from the internet. I have deicided to reason more so in live Nyabinghi sessions. This is just a decision of mine that I came to with the help of some friends. I have an issue that I do not wish to discuss, and may prevent me from further reasonings.

Personally it has been a blast to be here among all of you, and even though I am a Rasta, a wait for the day to see all of Jah's children liberated and living in peace. I hate to see blacks killing blacks.

I also want to thank all of you for your various inputs, on many of the subjects that we discussed.

gman, I aprecciate your being impartial and a warrior against babylon. You are a young lion like me, and I am glad to see that you stood up against this beast at the G-20 summit in England. When I said you are a friend of mine, I meant it!

Simon I appreciate you not being bias, and staying focused on the facts. You have a way of making your points in a strong fasion without offending others.

Prophetess Tonya, you are trully a prophetess. Jah could not have chosen a better vessel for his work.

Judah, you are spiritualy blessed my sistren. I wish I had met you in another lifetime. What could have been..........:)

Selassielive, you have a reasoning quality that I find refreshing. Not too many guys are as level headed as you are these days. It must show a sign of maturity. And I am saying this in a postitve way!

Discipleofmaat we may never see eye to eye, but I never really do with anyone. So I do not think that you will loose any sleep over this lol. Irregardless of our differences, I do wish you well, as long as you keep the best intrest of your people at heart.

RASTAMBO love the way you phrase your reasonigs man!!! I swear it makes me smile sometimes the way you break down reality. However every word is so true that you say bro. You have a gift for words my brother!

ras Marcus, continue to stand firm ras. You are royalty.

seshatasefekht it seems just like yesterday that we started reasoning. We could have learned alot from each other, if I would have stayed longer. You seem very intelligent.

And to all of those that I did not mention, I appreciated your conversations.

Jah Rastafari Empress Menen Bless the I them

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Retirement *LINK*
Be Blessed me Brudda.
peace and *NM*
you leave and the swine flu appears...hmmm
Re: Retirement
Re: Retirement
Re: Retirement
Re: Retirement *LINK*
Re: Retirement *LINK*
Re: Retirement *LINK*
Tune for de I *LINK*
Re: Tune for de I
Beautiful, for our youth! *NM*
"rebel souljah" have you retired as well? *NM*
confused why a 'general' did not thank a 'soldier' *NM*

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