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It's pretty clear Obama/Chavez

I would think that it is pretty clear, that what we have estimated to be the truth on Obama is not quite that.

It is either Obama is put in place by the Illuminati?....Hmmmm maybe

Or perhaps the Illuminati bought off Chavez?.....Doubt it.

Or perhaps Obama was never put there by the Illuminati?....A possibility

Obviously InI assertions of Obama may have been wrong.

One can find wiggle room as to where Obama stands, but none sight that Chavez is anything but a real revolutionary for the people, thanks to his quote, "GEORGE BUSH IS THE DEVIL"! Yup that should seal the deal in the eyes of conscious folk lol.

Be it as it may, I do see Chavez as genuine for the people. This being said, then why would he associate himself with am ignorant man? Is that not what he called Obama, prior to their handshake?.....Hmmmmmm?

Personally I am beggining to think, that Obama was elected, because America was tired of all the bullsht comming from the Bush eror. And Obama is trying to clean up the image of America. Simply put, if he don't America will fail at recovery during this recession, and economic downfall.

Okay whatever, so why Chavez not kick a dog when he is down? Beats the crap out of me. Personally I feel that the two talked prior to the meeting. I doubt all of it was spontaneous. I mean do I look that stupid?!?!?!?!?

I feel that the two men want a healthy new start. If the illuminati had anything to do with this, then why are they upset over it?

As far as the book, it would have sparked more controversay, if Chavez gave him the book "They came before Columbus", by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. For those who read the book, you know what I mean, the connection between Africans and Latinos.

Or better yet, how about they both stated that we are the twelve lost tribes of Israel. I bet you would have plenty of Chavez followers jumping off his bandwagon then! They would probably jump off, and slit their throats on the way down lol.

Jah Rastafari Bless Nyabinghi mansion bless

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It's pretty clear Obama/Chavez
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