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Just in case u thought I was afraid to say...
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"I want to kill some police officers in London" because my old "buddy" rasi revealed my real name on another thread... you wrong! I know the *ENTIRE* city of London has my back (except for those with a postcode in Chelsea, the super-wealthy area)so I can say exactly what I want exactly when I want it. And so can you unless you got a serious case of ingrown testicles (sorry for the sexist term but it's the best I could come up with on the spot)...
PS Any feds, informers etc reading this needs to check a dictionary for the difference between the terms "want to" and "am going to"... I'm not threatening anything, do I own a gun? Do I wear massive suits of body armour? Do I beat the hell out of five foot tall women whose only crime is to dare to talk back to me? Do I murder random newspaper vendors with a blow from behind whilst wearing a mask? No... that ain't me... that's someone else... who was that again?
As a vegetarian tryinabe vegan I don't like bigging up businesses that profit from slaughter, but I'll definitely say "Word" to any kebab shop owner in London town who poisons a copper. Hey babylon are you parnoid yet? Are you buying some cookbooks and trying to figure out how to do something more complex than boiling an egg now that your wife has died from internal bleeding?

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plus it means castration...mental and otherwise *NM*
Re: plus it means castration...mental and otherwis
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Decapitation of the Females head indeed.... *NM*
Re: Disciples Of Maat *LINK*
Re: Disciples Of Maat
Re: Disciples Of Maat
It's interesting...
Just in case u thought I was afraid to say...
I was there at this demo, this could've been me!! *LINK*
Re: It's interesting...

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