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Rastafari Speaks

Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparation

Blessed love to all royal sons and daughters universally,internationally

The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress, the church of salvation, stands churchically, governmentally, statically, parlimentally and sabbathically with our worthy founder,leader,president,God and King: King Emmanuel The Seven Adoni God,Jah Rastafari.
The goals and objectives of the EABIC is to land every nation under their own vine and fig tree in righteousness of salvation through one Man's voice and power: the only Black Christ, Jes-us of Nazereth, the first anointed teacher in the ends of the earth working salvation.The congress calls for seven, nine or thirteen miles of Black Starliner High Water ships to take us the Royal Ethiopian Refugees in exile through slavery and the slave trade home to Ethiopia/Africa the land where all gods and goddesses love to be : I and I, Selassie I, Jah Rastasfasri.

Give thanks for Jah In Three persons: Prophet ,Priest and King; Father Son and Holy One. These three loving spirit never disagree.

The Black Christ was crified in Kingston Jamaica (Egypt) to take away the sins of the world and to bring forward righteousness of salvation to all hearts of all flesh of all people of all nations. This The Black Christ did to bring forth World Peace, International security and Justice for all. Equality and Justice comes for all, all those who love satan kingdom must fall: Selassie I, Jah Rastafari.

The Black Christ was tried in Spanish Town, found guilty by the crime family and sentence to death for the good.The Black Christ was then crucified on the cross of shame, death and hell on a Tuesday. Tuesday evening HIM was placed in the grave. The Black Christ spent Tuesday Night, Wednesday night and Thursday Night in the grave.
Before His Majesty was placed in the grave, the evil ones forced HIM to carry the cross from Spanish Town to WardTheatre down Town Kingston and then Back to Mother Whte Bridge on Spanish Town Road Near to the MayPen And Calvery cemeteries.
The Area now called Mother White Bridge in those times were near to the sea side. For those who know Spanish Town Road, you will realised that less than four decades ago Marcus Garvey drive was not yet in existence and you must by now know that the sea once came up onto spanish Town Road.
The Black Christ arose from the grave early Friday morning to meet The Sabbath Friday evening.Since Jah Rastafari, The Black Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath, the powers of evil principalities and powers had no power over HIM. That is why It is Called Good Friday. Good Friday death had no sting and grave had no victoy; hence death where is thy sting and grave where is thy victory. They had nothing to show. The Black Christ had power over the evil world.
If Friday was the day of crucifiction for the Black Christ then Christ would not rise from the grave for HIM would be the fasle christ the one without everliving power and glory.Also,Friday could not be called Good Friday but rightfully as some others called it BAD FRIDAY.

Jah Rastafari lives and reigns in our Hearts today, so only those with clean hands and pure heart will truly innerstand the true meaning of Good Friday and the Joy peace and innerstanding that it gives us the priests, prophets, princes, empresses and princesses the saints of the Most High God: Jah Rastafari.

The evil white world can fool the people of Ethiopia/Africa sometimes but they cannot fool The Royal Ethiopia Refugees here in exile through slavery and the slave trade.
During this Holy Week as INI close our period of forty day fasting, when we rededicate ourselves for the distruction of evil principalities and power in high and low places even from the head of vactican down to the very pokomaina down here in Jamaica let us not forget that we cannot go to zion without salvation. Keep your love light shinning until we behold with our own eyes the discrediting, toppling and the distruction of the anti-christ world of wicked and wickedness.
Let us all have a blessed easter holiday keeping in mind the real purpose of GOOD FRIDAY.
Jah Rastafari sons and daughters will never accept the evil world sayings and doings. We are confident in the victory of good over evil, right over wrong, Black over white: Most I, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari, Holy Marcus I, Selassie I, Jah rastafari, Holy Emmanuel I, Selassie i, Jah Rastafari.

What more can Negus Do? He laid the foundation, open wide the door to salvation and bid us to come unto HIM. InI would never reject such gracious calling. We are volunteer Ethiopians working for our God and King, we will never give up fighting untill Babylon walls come tumbling down.

Jah is love, let us all Love.
Priest Bailey

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Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparation
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Re: Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparatio
Re: Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparatio
Re: Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparatio
Re: Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparatio
Re: Freedom, Redemption, Repatiation and Reparatio

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