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Re: Keith Snow:US Covert Ops in Africa:11AM EST TO *LINK*


Well I'm not sure exactly what he is talking about, but judging from his articles and talks - I would gather that he is talking about US and multi-national corporate intervention in Africa to secure resources which feed our economy. The kind of intervention that has fed genocide and the deaths of millions of people while we don't hear anything about it in the press - except with some strange twist of perception management where certain leaders and certain people are targeted as the CAUSE in a myopic mindf*ck.

You can check out his articles in the link I attached to this post. Probably would give you a good idea of where he is coming from.

Hope you are well.

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Keith Snow:US Covert Ops in Africa:11AM EST TODAY *LINK*
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Re: Keith Snow:US Covert Ops in Africa:11AM EST TO *LINK*
looks like they are having tech difficulty

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