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Re: For Disciple *LINK*
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word/power to your insight.

like I said, MJ was "assassinated" when he put black faces in Kemet on the "Remember the Time" video. He was too influential and that imagery was too positive and powerful for what the agenda was/is. They needed negros to be proliferated with decadence and rubbish (crap like gangsta rap and booty-shake) so that they could present THEIR cleaner-upper, Bara to clean up negros THEIR way.

They need negros proud to be Americans and not Afrikans.

And excellent point about the children. Poor Mikey had pajama parties and sleepovers and read them bedtime stories and everything he never got to experience himself.

You do not build something like Neverland to get into childrens' pants. You build Neverland because you truly love children.

Good to see him working and good to see him outside the US where the IRS cannot bother his money.

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