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Re: Principles Of Rastafari People Are Fading Away

Yes Ras Marcus, you are right, but some of our people didn't never believe in the European evil ways. because some of us have strong spirit knew from ancestors to ancestors of the slave ship some never cross over to the European way." That my father". They knew that how could their history be true if you bloodshed our people. How can we look up to a Jesus Christ with blue eye and straight hair. Some people wasn't raise with that in their homes. My father drop out of school in the 8 grade, because they was only teaching white history not his. He taught his self. Only raise up with Black Prophet around their homes. And our Almighty was a spirit for our people and the spirit only grew stronger because your spirit never dies. Your ancestors is a living spirit. I know me when I&I listen to reggae music I'm calling up my ancestors to talk to me. Your ancestors can speak to you. INI had that experience, When I got older it happen to me, I got real sick, and went to all the doctors, specialist, and they couldn't find the problem. Just giving me pills, that almost killed me. Until one night I cried myself to sleep thinking I'm going to died and nobody will know the causes. That night I had a dream. This happen in the late "80", I was living in Maryland, but the dream happen in NY were I was raise. The dream , I was going up the escalator in NY Macy, and when I reach to the top of the escalator stair an Indian grab my hand and took me where these elevators and he told me I have LOBELIA, INI thought it was a illness, and I cried to him and said I'm going to die, and He said NAH you be alright. I woke up and I said to myself see I know Jah see that I sick on earth. Did my research, and that was an Indian herb, and it heal me. So INI know we have ancestors can talk to us in our language that be brought apon us. Babylon can change our language but not all our african spirits.

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Re: Principles Of Rastafari People Are Fading Away
Re: Principles Of Rastafari People Are Fading Away

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