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Pacifiers - jedi mind tricks not just for babies

Triage - is a process of prioritizing patients based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately.


This is a very effective jedi mindtrick implemented by our good ol controllers. The purpose is to distract and derail the focus of energies we should apply to our liberation. Instead, we are pre-occupied with the issues THEY contrive and place before us as priority.

Think about it, if you are too busy worrying about your kidneys or finances, you do not have time to worry about your toenails. Your toenails just take a beating.

What should be a time of OVERWHELMING unity and harmonizing of black people has become instead an individualistic positioning on the starter's if preparing for the start of a race...a rat race.

What should be the perfect time to acknowledge and affirm the 7 principles of the Nguzo Saba is but a time for ones to instead defend and affirm technology and politics and most significantly hierarchy. Instead ones build temples to EVER EUROPEAN NOTION AND IMPLEMENTATION UNDER THE SUN while ignoring EVERY NATURAL and UNIVERSAL OVERSTANDING right under our noses.

See the good news is that even with a proliferation of pseudo-reality, NATURE still must be adhered to. Although the controllers have found ways to keep us unconscious of the power of nature, they nevertheless cannot suppress the reality of nature. Scientists spend their lives affirming everything that can be explained via evidence. Spiritualists spend their lives affirming everything that is REAL but beyond evidence. The controllers spend their lives making sure you do not make the connection between the 2. That is the ultimate divide and conquer technique. And once one divide-and-conquerism is established, any other one can be placed into your psyche via pre-conditioned/pre-conceived channels.

When a baby wails, it often is in need of milk. This milk contains nutrients. Somehow, instinctively, the baby's internal mechanisms REACT to the need for this nourishment and the baby feels this void and cries. A baby is developing and has an oral sensitivity. One of the first conscious developments of a baby is to realize the connection between the mouth and survival. Thus a SATISFACTION is derived from this connection.

What we have done in order to give us peace of mind is created what amounts to a fake nipple, known as a pacifier. You stick one of these in the baby's mouth and is shuts up. It goes through the motion of sucking milk but there is none. Yet because of the baby's recognition of the motions being connected to its survival, it continues to suck away...from nothing but a prop...a deceptive device...a mindtrick...plastic emptiness.

The controllers understand that psychology very well. They realize that many of our actions and desires are the result of subconscious conditioning. So when the masses seek and yearn for truth, the controllers know that they can stick pacifiers in our mouths to shut us up as well. And just like with a baby we receive no nourishment whatsoever.


Ehhh, don't worry about it. Just keep thinking the way you have been...just keep doing things that way you have been. Let them lay the so-called changes out for you. Soon you will see progression.


The controlllers know that deep down, the masses are conservative. This conservative is not the political sense of conservative but the adherence to "the way things have been done". They know that folks really do not like to change. They know that folks are set in their ways. As long as the foundation of our understanding remains the same, they know that any variances are just like the different branches on a tree...still producing the same fruit and still dependent for the rooted basis.

The controllers ain't worried about nothing as long as you have adopted and practice the lifestyle they have laid out for you. Blacks have gotten comfortable in the Western Society especially now that we are "represented" by such historical achievements. Yet the body counts still rise...The jets still bomb women and children...The pharmaceutical companies still thrive on the sickness industry...supremacy notion is still firmly affixed in ones' psyches...imperialism is today's plantation.

But hey, I got 1,000 channels to choose from. I got a cold-blooded blackberry. I got job performance to worry about. I got braces and music lessons to pay for.

Black Resistance is no longer needed.
Thanks for the memories.


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