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Re: ICC only for black people
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Just dropping by briefly... I am no expert but what I do know and especially what I have heard from people I have met personally leads me to the conclusion that he is a devil and is worthy of death. This doesn't change the fact that the ICC is being used selectively (NO WHITES ALLOWED unless your name is Slobodan), and is basically a joke anyway, they have no real power to go into Sudan and arrest al-Bashir, but al-Bashir has the power to respond to the warrant by expelling international aid agencies who (for all the extreme flaws of international aid) have been keeping people in the refugee camps alive until now, and by stepping up hostilities when things had been RELATIVELY calm in the last year or so. What they hope to achieve by this is beyond me. Perhaps lay the groundwork for an even worse humanitarian catastrophe that can then be used as justification for an invasion which (needless to say) would not actually have the stated aims of "liberation of the people of Darfur" at heart?
A quick point before I go, I have seen this misconception abounding all over the place - the Black African people in Darfur who have been getting slaughtered by government forces and janjaweed are just as Islamic as the people slaughtering them. The self-proclaimed "Arabs" (some of whom look indistinguishable from Black Africans to me, others of whom are lighter skinned) may not consider the Zagarwa (sp?), Fur and other peoples of Darfur as "proper Muslims" as they mix Islam with their own traditions, but the Black African Darfurian people who I have spoken to certainly consider themselves Muslims (even if their version of Islam allows them to, for eg., sip a beer at a bar - but then there are many "orthodox" Muslims who do that too and figure Allah will forgive them or whatever.
It's in South Sudan that the majority of people are animist and/or christian.
Gotta go, reason later... keep up the good work

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