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Re: soldiers kill Guinea-Bissau president

******stick to your 'octupulet reasoning'*****

sure and you keep playing dumb and act like you haven't heard of the woman...well I guess you are not 'playing'.

Post your news article because you know better than to express your ridiculous opinions.

and I wi wi wi wi wi wi will continue to sound like a broken reckid as long as you are on here as comic relief...go figure, a negro promoting obama on a black reasoning if ones were scratching their heads contemplating voting for mccain. It was nothing more than you and your vanity buying into THEIR implementation of illusional negro feel-goodisms.

How silly do you look with your Obama bumper sticker whose hands are just as RED and WHITE with childrens' blood and brain matter as Bush's hands. While you ignore and deny the truth for your children's college tuition...and call it some hope and change.

You will be held accountable by the Universe. The controllers know this so they have used us as their shield. Instead of us aligning with what andrey calls "ras hurricane" we up here deflecting the energies buying commemorative t-shirts and worshiping an entry in THEIR history book...praying for the presidency instead of cursing it...nurturing babylon instead of burning it.

Good work, campaign manager.


"If we stick a negro in their face, they will affirm and empower our objectives for us. Let them do the work...FOR US...AGAIN. Instead of exclusion and resistance, they will now have a sense of 'belongism'. They will have a sense of ownership of the big house, I mean white house".

"they will say OUR house".
"they will ask how WE feeling today massa?"

Now tr, tr, tr, tr, tr, try that for yo broken record.

you silly m,m,m,mo,mo,mo, nitwit.

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Re: soldiers kill Guinea-Bissau president
Re: soldiers kill Guinea-Bissau president
Re: soldiers kill Guinea-Bissau president
Re: soldiers kill Guinea-Bissau president

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