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Re: a widow's son?".......this is not meca

Greetings! Seshatasefekht

Are you a Muslim fundamentalist?! My initial response to your post was going to be to ask why you were saying the incident was not meca (if I remember correctly, the definition of meca included the option of eliminating oneself when one felt that they couldn't take whithe supremacy any more). I then remembered that the man did also kill his family which is why probably it cannot be regareded as meca. I also wanted to ask about 'elimination' but held back because the concept is such a powewrful weapon against white supremacy. My feeling was that it was a fight against the spirit of wickedness rather than the flesh, like nyahbinghi.

The incident is a shame though. To destroy such a beautiful family as one blessed with twins.

When the World Economic Crisis and 'Credit Crunch' began to be current news, though I am a layman in economics, i didn't figure it should affect the common black man nor the 'Third World' for that matter (after all I and I have never been eligible for 'loans' anyway). I thought the economies of African countries could still prosper. But behold, even here in Botswana, mining operations started to close down all around accompanied by the hundreds of job losses...

The question of killing ones family and committing suicide also reminds me of something else. Though the deaths are not linked to the Economic Crisis, here in Botswana, such murders and suicides have become almost commonplace in perhaps the last ten years. It was actually a daily topic of discussion in this so called 'peaceful country' at one point: a man would kill his lover for leaving him and then kill himself, 'if I can't have her then no-one else can.' Some would burn down their lovers hut in which she might be sleeping with some relatives like a grandmother and then the murderer would hang himself...It happened so often that those type of murders were given a name: "Passion Killings", common among the youth. A title of many a poem and almost a weekly headline even today.

You know that something is commonplace when it even comes to your own family: I have never been in a car accident and so I know it doesn't happen to everyone; when I was a boy I didn't often hear about incidences of death in our immedeate extended family and so death to me was like somethimg that wasn't so commonplace. Only when I was an adult did I lose a cousin and a grandmother and an aunt...and AIDS?...I hear that here in Botswana HIV deaths are often not publicised at funerals, to the extent that even if I was attending a funeral of someone I know I might not be aware that the killer was AIDS...but with AIDS I must say it has been known to visit ones family! You get the picture? I was saying that you know something is common if it can even happen to you: car accidents are not as common to me as 'passion killings.'

Ras Paul

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