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Perfect love and blessings in the house of Qidamawi Haile Selassie and Empress Menen
This is a historical narration of the battle of Adwa presented by the Ethiopian film producer Haile Girma.
A major war took place on March 1st ,1896, at Adwa, between the Ethiopia and the Italian Colonial Government.
In this city of Gondar where my cultural education began concerning the legendary battle of Adwa and the subsequent triumph of the Ethiopians over the Italians, there was a stage where I was skeptical over my people’s history, therefore I ask my father “Did the Ethiopians really defeated the white men at the battle of Adwa or was the victory simple boasting?,
My father told me that post spirits summoned each other from here and everywhere –the congregated spirits of the dead to council the worthy souls of the living, he continued by saying that during the battle of Adwa most of our people were armed with spears, swords and shields, Ethiopian patriots bare foot poured down in Adwa shouting war songs with their traditional art of war shields shaking their spears and swinging their swords as they tangled their enemy
The Italian bullet hit them and they exclaimed ‘What a flea is this!”and with swords in hand they continued to plow and beheaded the Italians after fighting for hours ,then they finally collapsed from the all the blood they lost .
One of my father’s dramatic words entitled “The Bell of torment “took place during the battle of Adwa when Ethiopia was scorched with fire ,infected with poisonous gasses ,it was the period when the bullies of Rome ,both young and old flattered by unfermented colonial bread with raised sabers daring each other landed Ethiopia ,they were evangelized by a priest and a merchant and annihilated so many human beings –
A nation was raided with fire, scorched and brutally invaded. Listen –you are told to listen ,those who have heard inform others ,who have not –Listen to me my country men ,don’t be negligent ,under a threat ,malice of the sea pirate ,a border bandit ,a desecrator of freedom ,the national arch-enemy –like a stroke ,like a lung cancer ,like cardiac arrest
So crucial, like Mohammed the Gorgon, so venomous like a snake was the Italians at the Port of Messawa with their fully equipped and organized military power, they camouflaged themselves as friends and men of commerce and recruited local citizens across the border on the other hand continued with their invasion, subjugated the opposition, flogged the imprisoned, murdered those who opposed the invasion and in the process they forcefully converted people to their own religion.
A nation scorched with fire, cruelly invaded, rise up arm yourself, and lift your swords, patriot of Hamossen .Patriot of Karen, warriors of Gura, defender of Gino. If the enemy comes from Rome whip him with your sword and capture him .
The drum of war was beaten, the proclamation was declared, and under the leadership of Ras Alula the Ethiopian Patriarch of the time hurriedly charged at Dogali and fiercely battled with the Italians colonial forces, and as the dust settled Ras Aluto smiled and the King was overjoyed, praised his warriors and said “Take heed the lion would not even let a fly near his fur.”
The fall of Rome elite soldiers at the hands of a Black African country was not only a lesson to the Italian Colonial power, it created havoc and unrest for the European Imperialist who were actively engaged in the scramble to colonize Africa and to calm the wave of unrest triggered by the Dogali incident fellow colonizers encouraged the Italians Government to take revenge.
At the time of the invasion, the continent of Africa was under colonial aggression, it was scorched with fire and suffering .in West Africa there the British and French ,in South Africa ,the British ,the Germans in East Africa and the Italians in Ethiopia and Eretria –It was the time when the colonial power was invading the whole world
Over in Djibouti, over in Somalia and in Sudan was annexed and colonized by British and the French, the only island of freedom was Ethiopia
“We will not be invaded .We will not accept it “Proclaimed the Ethiopians –Not a country that has being free since the dawn of mankind . . . How can our country be annexed under colonialist? Menelik asked .
The Italians having recognized their military power and considered Ethiopia their natural birthright once again marched, devastating the local people during their route towards Emperor Menelik who had just succeeded the throne .Italy thought of owing Ethiopia over time and tried to make this assumption a permanent reality –but it did not happen .The Italians claimed that they were not colonialist like other Europeans and their purpose was to aid Ethiopia and the Emperor trusted that gesture.
Now if it is to be a genuine and sincere relationship a treaty is vital and it must be an official treaty .Menelik considered this and the infamous Wuchale treaty was drawn in good faith .However Empress Taitu was suspicious of this treaty from the start.
The Ethiopian version of the treaty stated that: Italy would upon request of the Ethiopia side represent Ethiopia interest in Europe. The Italian version added the exclusive rights to represent Ethiopia in any foreign relations.
Now this was a major limitation in Ethiopian sovereignty and Menelik decided that whatever it took the Ethiopians would not accept this version of the treaty, thus the diplomat struggle began and after several failed efforts to resolve the matter Menelik prepared for war .
Bidding farewell to his friends at night as a shooting star the hero appears at dawn like a twilight star hidden ,in the hearts ,like a kettle ,the elusive soldier of soldiers ,Menelik is not spotted yet ,he is like an acocia tree peeled once cannot be peeled again ,so all you men of strength rise up! Menelik declared, in the past you have never disappointed me and I do not think that I have offended you .The Almighty have never failed me in the past nor in the future .Brave men of my court rise up. Man and woman of my court rise up, from corner to corner, small and big all masses rise up.
The war cry then sounded: Warrior, warrior oh, woe warrior, the one that gave birth to you, those who have spears, with spears, those who have axes with axes, those who own swords with swords and the ones with knives with knives .They all rallied and came with their own rations
Menelik further summoned people leaders, followers without any coercion towards Adwa with ammunition and rations hauled on a caravan of donkeys and mules to defeat a modern army that seemed unimaginable
The number of troops that march to Adwa:
Emperor Menelik from 34000-38000 troops’ --Empress Taitu 5000 foot soldiers and 6000 horsemen
Ras Aula Aba Nega, about 4000 troop’s.--King Tekle Hamimnot from 5000-6000 foot soldiers
Dechach Balcha Aba Nesfso, 3000 foot soldiers. --Fitawarari Tekle Lique Mequeos –number unknown
Sultan Mohammed Anfrei –number unknown--. Ras Michael from 14000-15000 troops
Ras Mangasha Yohannes -12000 foot soldiers --.Ras Mangasha Atiken 6000 foot soldiers
Ras Wole Bitul -6000-7000 foot soldiers ---Ras Abale Bua Yalew -2000 foot soldiers, Ras Wolde Ghigoris -6000-8000 foot soldiers
Dechach Jote Kelom-Welego-number unknown, -- Dechach Gebre Egzilabher Moredo Wellego-number unknown
Tessema Nadew-4000-5000 troops--- Fitawwari Gebeyehu-from 13000-14000 troops.
Wagwishem Guangul-10000-10000 troops --.Ras Makonnen from 15000 to 16000 troops
It was entire communities that came out to defend Adwa thus pledging their loyalty
Ras Darge was designated to administer Addis Ababa .King; the King of Wallo safeguarded the border of the south
Aba Jifar designated to safeguard the border of the south thus when the Emperor marched to Adwa he has secured the border
In the east Somalia was already seized, Dijubuti was also grabbed, four generals were assigned to defend the cities Warriors saddle and giddy-yap your horses--giddy-yap your horses you patriots, advance and propel your horses to the front .Let your enemy pay drench in blood.
In the time of length with his empty stomach Menelik swiftly arrive at Awa .He made enemy surrender their rifles to the mercy of his sword.
Raise up Mangasha –Giddy-yap your horse--Rise up Balcha Aba Nefso, giddy-yap your horse over the dead bodies of your vanquished let their bodies rot!!
Empress Taitu declared that not an inch of our land will be taken; we shall make them scrape the Ethiopian dirt from off their shoes
Ethiopians have maintained their national Itegrity by being united to repel the invaders ,there is no doubt of their sense of Inity .Rations on mules ,rifles on shoulders ,those who have spears, those who have swords even those who weren’t armed still marched to snatch armaments from the enemy and fight
The story of the invading Italians is tantamount to coming of the hyena!!
The result of the battle of Adwa was considered an act of indignity and the Ethiopian children chanted:
“They are coming –they are coming, ward them off repel them off .He is a still born freak .Ward him off repel him off
He is the off spring of scattered lice eggs “
Soon after the aftermath of the battle of Adwa the Italian Government agreed by stating “I will not look at Ethiopia without a colonial interest “and they forfeited claim of the WochaleTreaty and signed a new peace accord with Ethiopia before the mediating witness of foreign representatives and those who were under the control of the Ethiopian Government as such all Italian prisoners of war was escorted out of the country
InI give thanks to all Ethiopian Patriots, Incient Warriors Saints and Ingels for their self sacrifice in their relentless fight for good over evil
Guidance and Itection
Ras Flako Tafari

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