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Re: Honey bee racism
In Response To: Re: Honey bee racism ()

Ok let me clarify, "where have you seen NEGATIVE connotations behind "europeanized"?
There are many negative connotations of Europanized: when Africans speak of the Uropinazation of Egyptians / the obvious, (to borrow you cap letters) NEGATIVE connotation of Europanized colonialism, the negative/adverse of europanization of african curriculums, etc etc, etc.

I see negative (and mostly rightly so) the idea of something/one being Europanized - especially if we understand Europanized to mean something like: to "make (continental) European in customs, character, or ideas"


I think Ras Tyhemba spoke of the failed European development model in Africa.

The negative consequences of the nationalizing of Europanized languages in Africa (ie making French/English 'official' languages)

"The End of Empire in French West Africa" By Tony Chafe - speaks to the negative affects of a europeanized africa

also to diversify your knowledge base from wikipedia and the yahoo link like the one you posted - you may want to add some dr. ben to your reading list so you wont continually be a 'subject' or should I say a disciple of "subliminal suggestion"

Black Man of the Nile and His Family
Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Without a Black Theology

"And you ask when has it ever been said that Aids came from Africans sleeping with monkeys??? You have never heard that???"

People have also said a whole bunch of NONSENSE regarding topics as diverse as AIDS, Slavery, the educational aptitude of Africans, etc - Just because someone or a group of persons say something - I dont validate that statement as:
"subliminal reinforcement of negative connotations" ----- it is quite the contrary - someone saying something as ignorant as Africans sleeping with monkeys causes aids - is not SUBLIMINAL at ALL - a comment such as that is in your face - FOOLISHNESS.

as the rest of your post demonstrates - you have a problem with reasoning in a manner that demonstrates the attributes of MAAT that you claim to be a disciple of.

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