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and I'm not falling for this 'tomorrow is....
In Response To: ok, now check this out also... ()

this 'tomorrow is another day' crap....... only to win the individual 'fight' and look the other way, AS IF NONE OF THIS IS HAPPENING

there shouldn't even HAVE to be a fight, individually or otherwise

there has GOT to be a better way

people gotta look at me and think I'm crezzy. I quit college - now WHY????? would a one do that they wonders....... hmmmmmmm.... because I WON'T SELL OUT, it's a bat-0-bullsh*t

not the knowledge, but college

I could go and master any skill in the world right now and be 'happy' and secure like them

but I CHOSE not to - now why is that ones would ask ------ well I just wish they'd look at themselves and ask that frekkin question

they can KISS MY A@@

I guess I'll just be 'dancin with my self' seen

of course the deval wants me to just concentrate on myself.......... so IT can get away with everything IT wants to, cuz eye see IT in all sorts of wayz, what a bunch of jacka@@sh*t

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fools fools fools rule the whole godd*mn world
ok, now check this out also...
and I'm not falling for this 'tomorrow is....

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