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ok, now check this out also...
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there actually ARE people who work together locally and help eachother out here and there, this and that...... there actually are positive people here, there actually are people that I COULD be friends with, but they are truly WACK in the sense that..... oh jawd, in many senses...

how can I unite up with all these people with so much backward thinking..........

just for once instance, there some friendly people wanting me to hang out with them........ they have a good time and SEEM ok...... but

it's just an endless battle let me tell ya

......... cuz their babywashed......... in they heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaads

and the words off they lips don't EVER match up seen? Backstabbers, liars, gossipers, SOAP OPERA ADDICTS, 'I can be a bigger b*tch than you' mentality, oh this is nothing, but just little scraplings

there's actually ONE person I've met....... this lady, she reminds me of some interesting version of che guevara or something.............. but then she fails, and this is how she fails - by fighting the sh*tstem and various hypocrisies YET she is ultra evil in OTHER WAYS, it's just going to drive me batty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is ther ONE wise person round here???? hmmmm? just one god just one I can relate to on most all the various levels?????????????????????????? IN REALITY (the revealed reality, not the other one)

now I'm sounding like a fool, I know....... but it feels good to let this out sometimes, even the little things such as all the aforementioned..... and EYE won't EVEN get into the BIG things cuz we all done well know those allready

what is the eye to do?

I think I should write a big CALLOUT searching for like-minded ones to get together somehow

oh, but then we'd be TRAITORS in an utmost 'patrioTICK' time

oh time time time

take me away

time time time

take me away

time time time lead the way

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fools fools fools rule the whole godd*mn world
ok, now check this out also...
and I'm not falling for this 'tomorrow is....

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