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sight, sight

Bredrin...now me sight INI getting somewhe, true? allrite, firstly may I point out dat deh is nothing in de bible, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, lost in human error, or translation, dat haf any ting to do wid wha INI need fe salvation. How many ways dem seh de colour purple, or burganday, or some shade in between dem colours Iyah...we overstan at de very least its a colour still, or at best INI cyan imagine a colour between purple an burganday. wid a likkle ting like if yuh know wha colour de temple stones were as oppose to wha yuh haffi do to obtain Redeemption, deh is a big difference in importance of exact translation..an dat is why yuh were right in asking INI to carry, an reason forth by more den jus ONE version, an de importance of de forms of research, as it seh in de bible, study to show I self approved. so if yuh cyan show me a verse, breddah, SHOW I A VERSE WHICH IS TRANSLATED IN ANY BIBLE, (ASIDE FROM DE JAHOVIA WITNESS BIBLE SINCE WE KNOW IT ALLREADY TAINTED), USE ANY BIBLE YUH WHANT, AN FIND A VERSE PERTAINING TO WHA INI MUS DO FE SALVATION...HERE AS A MATTER OF FACT I WOMAN WILL POST DEM, an yuh cyan chek dem out in all de versions, an let I know how it differ, if me doing any ting wrong, or being mislead..me nuh tink yuh will be sucessfull Iyah, becaw me walking outta road in de light now...but fe yuh to sight, hear is de verses yuh cyan look up, if yuh find a next version dat direckly opposes wha dis version me use tonite, yuh let I know:

first de topic of ONE KEY DOCTRINE...

*2John verse 9 "Whosever transgresseth, and abideth not in the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST, hath NOT God. He that ABIDETH IN THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST, he hath BOTH THE FATHER AND THE SON."
so dis one verse show INI need de teachmants of Jesus, which are de gospels!!
**now Iyah ask yuh self in regard to salvation, who ago judge we?
look pon Isaiah ch 33:22.."For Jah is our Judge." an in Psalms 50 verse 6 sight "For God himself is Judge"
BUT IN SECOND TIM 4:1 IT SEH: "I solemnly charge you before God and Christ Jesus, who is destined to Judge the living and the dead."

now pon de two points it seem clear dat first, de doctrine or teachmants of Christ, de gospel is essential, an dat we are to worry bout who gwan judge INI..its God de BIBLES ALL CLEARLY STATE..AN ITS JESUS WHO WILL JUDGE WE ALL BIBLES CLEARLY STATE..SO CHRIST/JAH ARE TWO PERSONS IN ONE ALMIGHTY ALL POWAHFULL OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT JAHOVIA/YHWH...DE SON AN DE FADDAH ARE ONE!
***now breddah,jus a few points on overstanding who Christ really is:
who is de light of de world according to yuh favourite translation? it seh in Psalms 27:1 Jahovah is my light.
but in John 8 verse 12, "Therefore Jesus spoke again to them saying 'I am the light of the world'" HMMMM, ME START FE SIGHT SOME TING...who judgemant seat we gwan face? in Romans chap 14 verse 10 it seh "For we shall stand before the judgement seat of God.", but now in 2Cor 5:10 it allso seh "For we must all be made manifest before the judgement seat of the Christ"

seem like Thomas nuh wrong fe exclaim I Lord an I God whan him seh it to Jesus wid out fear of rebuke whan him was doubting if Jesus raise from de dead.

I suppose Iyah me jus brought up two points in one reasoning..yuh tink seh de bible is completely untrustable, an me seh yuh wrong..at least as far as wha is crucial fe INI to overstan! it seh in all bibles dat INI mus stop trus in our own good works eh? an fe start trus in Jesus death, burial an reserrection alone fe salvation..sight Ephesians chapter 2 verses 8-9.
it allso seh INI mus invite Christ inna we life if yuh look pon john 10:14..an once INI done it, den we fe ask Jesus Christ fe tek Him rightfull place as Lord an God of INI life, sight? chek philemon chapter 2 verse 11.
it allso seh it necessary fe tun back from every ting dat de bible seh is sin..dat include homosexual acts, worshipping false gods, etc etc, an whan INI tun back, we are repenting still..sight Acts chapter 3 verse 19!!

me overstan wha yuh a deal wid mentionning how Jesus tun over de tables in de temples..but bingo bredrin? me nuh play no bingo in I church!! an even if dem pon de morrow decide fe do it, me nuh gwan doit, seen? dat a catolick issue. was de I catolick?
an lastly Great Bredrin Love Still, de speech me point out nuh try fe point out Jesus divinty..his speech de emperor mek, me post to show yuh dat Selassie called Jesus "...divine child", an him allso sight how 'every king of the earth shall bow'..me tek it a step FORWARD, an me seh, EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW..but nuh tek it as me invent dat last statemant,
it is allso in de bible...Guidance an give thanks fe all de reasoning..yes I, me give thanks, Raspeck due to de Esteem Breddah
kaya I

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