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Blessed Love Sis.Kaya

I too have a copy of that interview and I also have a copy of the interview where his majesty speaks about christ.I have been studying ahmaric for a while now and I know that HIS MAJESTY NEVER SAID THAT stament I am mortal And I will be replaced by the oncoming generation, His majesty never made any mention of rastafarians or christians I see that the speech is badly mistranslated and needs to be reviewed however when the speaker said that his majesty said that a human being cannot be emanated from a diety that is true being that it is absurd to think or even pretend that a disembodied spirit can impregnate a human being so therefore the claim of his majesty being the reincarnation of christ is bogus.His majesty was once asked what he thought of death he said who is she and what does she want so therefore his majesty never spoke of being mortal.His majesty uses christ(the myth) as an example of how InI should live. The story shouldnt be taken literally because there is no physical evidence to prove that jesus ever lived.even the details of the crucifiction doesnt go hand in hand with reality thats a whole other reasoning i wont go into right this moment.I see what the I is trying to do the it is obvious that the I is an internet evangelist I suggest the I try to evaNGELIze others InI know and have physical evidence that His Majesty liveth and reigneth in mount tsion. so please Im not trying to be disrespectful take your message elsewhere im not saying the I cannot reason with InI but the I is a bit disrepectful by coming into a rasta message board ytrying to tell InI that Haile Selassie is not the almighty I respect the Is point of view the I should respect ours you dont see InI invading the Is space trying to evangelize seen.So Love and ISes Everytime

Hail THe Emperor and Empress of all CREATION

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important interview
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hmmm, a next translation?
Lord, Lord, and he replied I know you not.
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