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Re: Herbs & mental illness
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sister zebbie,
a wise approach for sure! Depression have have many layers of depth. For example, there's "clinical" and "sub-clinical" depression. If a one suffers from depression to the point where they can't sleep, can't think clearly, can't enjoy, can't hope and feel like "death" is an answer....that's clinical depression. It can be chronic or situational (e.g. related to trauma). In clinical depression, support and care from loved ones, support from professionals, and medications are all important. I don't separate man-made from natural medications too tight, as they all have the same effect of altering body chemistry. However, St John's wort has less side-effects, and can be useful in sub-clinical depression. The best medicine of all is knowing yourself. I know that the ones I have seen come through depression better are those who know that Jah will never give them more than they can bear. The ones who truly know that they are worth something because of Jah love can heartically say in their darkest moments that "I am His". One of the true things of Rasta is that Jah gives us a true knowledge of ourselves, the world, and our true relationship with HIM. So we must use that knowledge. Sis, if you know a funk is coming on and you can run to stop it from growing, Blessings.
As far as man-made vs natural herbs, my own mother died of acute liver failure 4 weeks after using "natural herbs" to help with her arthritis.
For them that have serious illness such as Bipolar or Schizophrenia, medications are the best thing to get it under control and keep it there. Stability (e.g. of housing and routine)and family support, are also very important.
Hope this is helpful,
Jah Love, sis Naphtali

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