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Greetings.the only thing I will RASpond to is the words of HIM that de I came with because Iveryting else I posted can be PROVEN with science,as afr as the Destiny ting,all I know is that Jah wants InI to do RIGHT,so he set LAWS to follow,that InI may stay on the path,that pleases him,if a man does RIGHT,what kind of God will throw him in hell jus because of his Destiny?its ALSO about REINCARNATION which would go good with this reasoning (i'll post that later).Kamau,de I stated this by HIS MAJESTY-


Whatever the task may be, man may begin it but he cannot complete it, unless God sustains and supports him. If he fails to accomplish the task on which he has set out, having worked to the best of his ability, he is not to be maligned by being called lazy.

Man may, at the onset, control the direction which events take, but once his choice is made, events soon escape his control and history proceeds by its own force and momentum."

the science of REINCARNATION will show us a clearer view of this,for like u said Kamau,we have FREE WILL,it wasnt Destiny for Adam & Eve to eat of the Apple from that tree,was it?i truly doh tink so.i will post more on this Reasoning again so InI can get a UNDERstanding (first we must UNDER to OVER)of this.Selah

Essene Rasta

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