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Re: The science of Karma-cause & Effect

Blessed Love My Lord...

Di I bring forth a serious reasonent here.. jus fi look pon certain tings.. if i man overstand u correctly i man agree that life is a sequence of tings mostly occuring by chain reaction, however as I-man beings ini have conscious decisions an through the act of free will tings continuously change the mould of tings to happen..

u spoke about tings happenin fi throw the universe into Chaos an lawlessness.. but i man ask is there any perfect Law? is it a harmony whihc keep tings in chek? cus pon a daily ini are threatened by asteroids fi wipe out di earth but as a result of a pre existing circumstance the earth is overpassed, howeverr at the same time tings happen that cus dem fi reach earth destroy an cause mayhem pon this earth.. ini have no direct guarantee one dont line up fi wipe ini out today.. great minds still havent figured out that design yet.. yess ones have drawn certain conclusion regarding patterns but absolutes are near impossible.. an like the example u gave bout the dice... all dem tings is factor wit the force an shape of the board an etc... but what is the probabilty of u landin a double deuce three times in a row.. ini still have life tolive an ini stil havet mastered how to control our physical environment scientist have come a far way in explaining an addin togetehr yet still cant master how to achieve it..

i can agree life has developed from reactions to previous actons.. but the question lie in how is the destiny of that shaped.. I majesy say ini can will to do things but it rest wit the allmighty fi guide certain tings.. throughcus as humans we have the choice.. if a man kick me.. i have the choice fi kick him back or not... if i choose fi kick hiim i write down i fate right there.. if i dont.. my fate is still written.. in the split second fate has altered(well not altered but the path of life has been manipulated).. which will then inturn lead to a nex sequence of infinite outcomes.. all a matter of which ini choose..(to ad dto this i will close wit a passage from i majesty)

ini can fall down the path of sayin well that is i destiny or prewritten fate into a life of demoralization conscious decay.. which in thruth is only a self fullfillin prophesy of what could have been improved... but who is to say the path each ini take? we all have dat free will.. cus i guess ones can argue that it is all in the great design to life..

i man goin frwd now.. i hope mi never stray from di topic.. mi have more words fi say but it goodly get monotonous from here on.

blessd love


Whatever the task may be, man may begin it but he cannot complete it, unless God sustains and supports him. If he fails to accomplish the task on which he has set out, having worked to the best of his ability, he is not to be maligned by being called lazy.

Man may, at the onset, control the direction which events take, but once his choice is made, events soon escape his control and history proceeds by its own force and momentum."

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I

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