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Re: truth and rights
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You speak half truth half lies therefore you speak lies. I do not deny that the Oromo people had been oppressed at one point or another but what you fail to see is all the peoples of the horn had at one point been oppressed by one or the other. All tribes of Africa had wrong done to them by their brothers and vis versa.

How about the story of king Ezana and how he had to punish his kushite brothers for being murderous
and out of control in their treatment of other people of the horn. Come on man you can not go around saying that only the Oromo were and maybe still are to some extent being oppressed by one group when others have been oppressed as well. The bottom line is we do not need division we need to come together and solve our problems as one and stop the finger pointing. If you truely are an Oromian then I ask you to come and reason not spread fallacy on this site.


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***One person two names a liar on this site!!!***
ADMIN! Re: ***One person two names a liar on this site!!!***
one person one name not a liar
truth and rights
Re: truth and rights
That is real reasoning Ras Hal.
***Re: I agree with you 100%$ Ninja Ras!!!*** *NM*
Re: ***Re: I agree with you 100%$ Ninja Ras!!!***
Re: That is real reasoning Ras Hal.
what is the "fallacy" that you speak of?
Re:Hey Genius what about the Aksumite Kingdom!!!
no sarcasm needed
Re: no sarcasm needed
Why spread lies? Look at the facts!
Re: Why spread lies? Look at the facts!

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