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That is real reasoning Ras Hal.
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Haile I Selassie I

Stand up with Jah Ras Tafari Love,and inity and face them dread.Be like a Lion in Zion.

I keep telling the Oromo Idren the same thing about this African tribalism in all His post and mines,and he still cannot bring a post here to pass on from that Oromo struggle affair to at least start the healing process.

This Idren just keep talking about the Majesties of Ethiopia who were the Ruters of the Nation.

Oromo is not a Nation. They are a part of a Nation called Ethiopia and had to abide by the Law of the land too. And when they followed their religious and tribal beliefs to wage the war against people as Menelik and Ras Tafari, they lost the Battles and it hurt them up to this very iver.

This is the iver for Africans to inite as one Nation, and I keep saying that I and I on this site can reason a way to start the healing now for a big contibution to Africa future redemption.

It may look impossible idren, yet I and I can do it with vision. Computer can reach a lot of people. Why not have some trading going on amongst the posters here to get some money for Africa?? All ones here could get a powerful trading business instead of getting another cyberenemy.

I and I nor going to have computer forever. So as I and I can now reason worldwide here, I and I can decide a solution to help the situation to help stop the violence that going on in Africa.Instead is all this continual fussing and telling of lies each day.

The religious wars and tribal traditions are some of Africa's downfall for many years now.

I still continue to ask here. When is African people on the Continent going to put away they petty differences and inite together as one to finally develop Africa again for Africans, those at home, and those abroad???Once and for all???

I and I will love to see this start to happen at least while I am in this earthly plain.
Then that will be progress. NO True Ire???? Where is Africa inity???/

Anyway Ras Hal, never be offended by the names a man have, for they have a right to that. I just cannot see no Man calling Himself Emperor here on a site called Ras Tafari Speak and cussing Haile I Selassie I who is the real Emperor, and that will be so accepted????? That is a big diss to the Imperial Majesty of Ethiopia.

Just be mindful that the Idren can post sometning else more uplifting at different ivers, and instead He just insinuating this Oromo vibes as if only the Oromo people ever suffered as a Black People. Is who feels it does know it though.

I told them already Haile I Selassie I is the King of Host, mighty in Battle. And that is why they can never conquer Ras Tafari and His People.

Killing a Man in the flesh is not the way to conquer Him,some iver the Irits are just laughing at the Murderers.
Time for Africans and all irie peoples of the earth to inite as one and trample down the evil forces of the Babywrong.
Never worry about a thing, for every little thing going to be allright

King Alpha and Queen Omega reign itinually.
Haile I Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari, Niyabinghi I

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ADMIN! Re: ***One person two names a liar on this site!!!***
one person one name not a liar
truth and rights
Re: truth and rights
That is real reasoning Ras Hal.
***Re: I agree with you 100%$ Ninja Ras!!!*** *NM*
Re: ***Re: I agree with you 100%$ Ninja Ras!!!***
Re: That is real reasoning Ras Hal.
what is the "fallacy" that you speak of?
Re:Hey Genius what about the Aksumite Kingdom!!!
no sarcasm needed
Re: no sarcasm needed
Why spread lies? Look at the facts!
Re: Why spread lies? Look at the facts!

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