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Greetings and much blessings for the upper room reasoning which you have posted. It is indeed a higher plain of reasoning to realize the great universal source of power, which liveth internally in all living creature. If one would go from here to Ethiopia today, to try to see HIS Majesty, that one would be wasting his or her time, since HIS Majesty is not seen walking or driving around in Ethiopia any more, as use to be the case in the past. There have been no recent pictures taken of HIS Majesty touring or travelling from State to State or Country to Country. It is a great thing to come to the great realization, that Haile Sellasse means power of the trinity, and that power of the trinity, is related to heat air and water, which are parts of the natural life giving sources, for all humanity as well as all living Creatures. It is very important to come to the realization, that the infinite powers which controls and direct this great universe, is not very far away but instead liveth in each of us from day to day. When we get an inspiration or an idea to do some thing, that is the great internal teacher inside of us, instructing us as to which task, he would like us to carry out, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. So Haile Sellasse is not far away, and is that same source of universal Ivine power, which lives in Ras Tafari Makenon, as well as Ras Makenon, as well as each and everyone of us universally speaking, Haile Sellasse lives in the Emperor, as well as the Empress, as well as the rivers and the trees, and the birds and you and me and all living creatures. And this has been so long before Rastafari Makenon was born from his Mothers belly. This great Ivine powers in this universe of which I speak, which in Amaric is call Haile Sellasse, can and do use the living structure of any creature, man, woman, birds or any living creature, to serve or carry out whatever task that is desired to be done. I have come to the great realization, that the great Creator, walks and talks with each of us as we live from day to day, and as the fresh air flows, across this great universe in great oceans, so is the creator in his universal reach. the Creator is here there and everywhere, internally inside of us live and Iyarect. This is really a higher level of reasoning, so if you are not at that level, it is useless to become emotional, and start to create a contention, around this level of reasoning, if you are not at this level then you can just humble you self, and try to listen to the voice of silence inside of you, and it may just be reveal to you, that life is your greatest teacher. I look forward to the continuation of this reasoning.
Again I wish you many oceans of blessings,.
Ras Marcus.

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