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Divinity of Haile Selassie I

Greetings in the name of love!

I man would like to introduce myself cause InI is new to this board. I man is a Rasta youth from birth! Selassie I

Haile Selassie and the Supreme One

It is a fact that there is no difference between the REAL saint, Christ or Master, and the supreme being himself; that is, there is NO DIFFERENCE, except that a saint is humanly embodied and is to some extent limited by that embodiment. And when we say that the supreme one is embodied in this man (Haile Selassie I) whom we call a saint, let no one be troubled. We do not mean to say that the supreme one is so embodied. We could not be accused of suggesting that the infinite one has abandoned the presidency of the universe and enclosed his entire godhood in this one poor human body! The supreme one (Jah) is the infinite , limitless whole of spiritual existence.
It would be absurd to suggest that the univeral soul(spirit) of all souls, of all worlds, could be wholly centered in and limited to this one physical body. But it is nevertheless true that the supreme soul has taken form in this body. yah sight? Suppose we agree that the supreme being is all love, wisdom and power, that he is omnipresent, all pervading. Haile selassie I is exactly the same, except as to his physical limitations. Spiritually he has no limitations. But the body is not Haile Selassie I . It is only a covering, one of his ready instruments. He may at will, leave the body and work upon any of the higher heavens; Each heaven that he ascends to gives him greater freedom and scope of action. He himself being one with the infinite, has no limitations. Only the materials through which he works limits his action.
Haile Selassie I is as ubiquitous as the infinite himself. And this is no illusion. For example, if Haile Selassie has a hundred or a thousand disciples, eash disciple(tru rastaman, rasta heart) will see Haile Selassie I in the inner chambers of his being, no matter where he may go!
Of course, to do this, he must have attained a little development of his higher faculties. The Tru Rastaman with the Rasta heart know haile Selassie I as the giver of all life, the Lord of the universe. That is so because on the inner planes H.I.M is identical with the supreme one (Jah) If one must ask, How can these things be? the answer is, because H.I.M is one with the supreme, and the supreme one is expressing himself through H.I.M form. Each man is a potential saint and is therefore potentially identical with the supreme. (Jah created us in his own image!) Man ownly needs development and realization. Sainthood is therefore the supreme goal of all human evoolution.
The Christian theologian may not be so far wrong when he assumes that Jesus was the true god in his very essence. Jesus himself said I and the father are one. But the Christian falls short of the grandeur of his own philosophy when limits that divinty to just one saint in all history. This narrow view robs the noble concept of all its value. But that principle, in order that it may fertilize the entire field of philosophy, must be extended to include not only numerous saints, but it must include all men as a potentiality.
Without a living saint spirituality wanes, as a lamp goes out when the oil is exhausted. As soon as a religion becomes fixed, static, cystallized, upon that foundation a corrupt priesthood is insipid formalism. This is History. It is no theory! After all, what is a holy book at best? It is a statement of the INNER experience of a living saint. Then why not listen to the living saint now? Today, if a seeker for the light goes to a muslim or a christian and demands to know just how he may enter the kindom of heaven here and now, he will discover that islam, just like all other religions, has no answer to that question. In this respect all religions stand in the same category. It is true that all men have that oneness to a degree, but few of them are conscious of their noble inheritance. The real Saint is conscious of it. He Knows his relationship with the supreme Oversoul and is consciously able to exercise his powers and prerogatives as a son of god. While the saint may speak and act through his body much the same as others do, yet in reality he is the supreme one who is acting and speaking. He is no longer a mere man with clouded and limited understanding, but a man who has become God, and a God who has become man. Yah Sight?

I man will leave you with a few of Jesus teachings to meditate pon!(Please look at the deeper meanings respect)

Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matt. 5:3

Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see god. Matt.5:8

The Weston world, as a whole, has never had the remotest idea of the real meaning of this statement. It means that anyone who is pure in heart(tru rasta heart) is able to enter the kingdom of heaven consciously, during this life time, and there behold God clothed in light. Indeed blessed are the eyes that behold such a sight! A clean mind and a pure heart are the prime necessities for such an achievement.



Ras Carlos!!!!

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