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Re: Do YOU glory in the Bible?
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Or read of all the accounts in the Old Testament of the Hebrew slaughter of 'heathen', where they left not a child or an animal alive at the end. They took the virgins though.And they did this with full approval of YHWH, and they slaughtered most and best when the Ark dwelt among them.

And the Commandment says 'Thou shalt not kill.'

Haile I Balance,
Give Th-ANKH-s Rootsie for the words.....

To go further with tha reasoning, I ask myself and wonder if the old testament is not set up/ or changed for political reasons.

From biblical perspective the Hebreews/ Jews became oppressed by the Egyptians. Trough this oppression, suffering and humiliation they became Messianic and became the choosen Nation that had to be led out of Egypt to the Holy land.

But...how could the Ancient Egyptians who also gave them the concept of One God, gave them culture, gave them technical skill etc etc. oppress this people?
Like Cheik Anta Diop writes:
"Having entered Egypt as 70 shepherds grouped in 12 'patriarchal'families, nomads, withoud industrie or culture, the Jewish people left there 400 years later, 600.000 strong, after acquiring from it all the elements of its future tradition, including monotheism.

Like da I said Rootsie, they slaughtered all the "heathen" etc etc..with full aproval of Yahweh, while the ark was dwelling amongs them.

So what is this whole thing? Mus we believe the Bible and sight the Egyptians as being 'wicked' or do we sight our Historical perspective and see the Glory of the Ancients Egyptians??

Trough so many of INI RAsta's sight the Bible as being still the true word of God, there arises a believe that the Egyptians were most wicked + there arises a level of ignorance that sum don't wanna hear nothing of Ancient Egypt and reject the Glorious Civilization of our Ancestors..

A couple of years ago, I was in Jamaica with sum bredren. And we went to BoboHill, what I heard trough reasonigis that the Bobokamp is like New-Jerusalem and when ya trod out of the kamp, you're in Egypt (Babylon). So I find that Egypt being stigmatized alot as sumthing wicked, while She is the Daughter of Ethiopia..How come through the Holy Bible...??


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