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Re: Do YOU glory in the Bible?
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"I, for my part, GLORY in the bible!" -Haile Selassie I
I follow my God and King, and everyone who is Rasta MUST follow RasTafarI!

Haile I Balance allways in ALL-Ways!!

Blessed Strenght & Greetzz,

INI Culture/ Livity is set apart from Ras.Tafari, himself.
What make us follow RasTAfari to be a True RAsta? His religios aspect, his political aspect, the Pan-Afrikan mind-Set...What must we follow??
When INI sight him as our God.... I personally sight this God gives me the freedom to choose what I want to be, who I want to be...
If I don't hail up Jesus christ or Yesos Christos and HIM did, makes that me NO-RAsta? I still Hail RASTAFARI EMPRESS MENEN I..
How could we glorify in the bible....by following with blind eyes or checking it critical, wherefrom questions arise that makes us seek, whereby we gain knowledge, wisdom and Overstanding??
Ones and ones mus sight RAstafari from there own spiritual awareness......What ever relegion we may profess, we are all spiritual kingsmen...
Never heard HIM say, "follow me and my relegion and ya shall be saved, I am your Lord". INI is free to choose how we sight our KIng...Certain things we choose is set apart from da King, that what created the FARI culture and Troddings, we choose to be Strictly Vegan I-tal up, HIM choose to have a different diet...We choose to sight HIM as our God, HIM choose to put His belief in Christ...So What mus we follow concerning you to be a RASTA??


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