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Re: The Sudroid *Indo-Negroid* Race in the Congo

The Sudroid (Indo-Negroid) Race
by Hari Rao
The Sudran, or Sudroid, race refers to the aboriginal populations of India. Formerly widepread over all of India, they were displaced from most of Hindustan (North India) and virtually all of the Deccan by invading Aryans. Sudroid includes the following peoples:


Dravidoids (speakers of Dravidian languages)
Untouchables or Avarans
Vedic Shudrs (Aryanized and enslaved blacks)
They are a black race, closely related to the Africans and Australoids, as evident from -

Black skin , broad noses , thick lips and wavy-curly hair
Linguistically, all the languages are related.
Genetically they are closely related

1. Physiognomy

1.1 Black Skin
The most evident similarity between Africans and Sudroids is their black skin colour. It often approaches deep black, and when shiny resemble tar. The Adi Dravidas (true Dravidians) of South India are black like the Africans with a slightly different hair texture [ Win.gen ].

1.2 Nasal Index
The nose of Sudroids closely resembles that of Negroids and Australoids, being very broad. In both pure black African and pure Sudroid it is often as wide as it is broad, ie. the nasal index (ratio of width to height) is 100. By contrast Caucasians are fine-nosed. The Indo-Aryan is thus very similar to the European, possessing a fine nose, while the Sudroid is related to the Africans -

Race Nasal Index Nasal Type

Arya (Indo-Aryan)

Brahman (Bengal) 70.3 fine-nosed sub-leptorrhine

Rajput 71.6 fine-nosed sub-leptorrhine

Vaisya (Jat) 68.8 fine-nosed leptorrhine

Vaisya (Bania) 79.6 medium-nosed mesorrhine


Dravidian (Kadian) 89.8 broad-nosed platyrrhine

Dalit (Chamar) 86.0 broad-nosed platyrrhine

Adivasi (Munda) 89.9 broad-nosed platyrrhine

Vedic Shudrs (Dom) 83.0 broad-nosed sub-platyrrhine

Wavy-Curly Hair & Thick Lips
The hair of Sudroids is wavy and often curly, with imported Africans ( eg. the Makranis, the Siddis of Sind and the Dakhin ) it is frizzy. It is a common misconception to asume all Africoids have frizzy hair; it is often curly and wavy in Nubia and Abyssinia.

Curly Hair -
Friedrich Mueller classified black races according to hair texture, classing them under the tufted-haired peoples ( Bushmen, Hottentots and Papuans ), fleece-haired peoples ( Bantu and Negro ) and wavy-haired peoples ( Hamitic, Semitic and Nuba-Fulla ).
-- [ EB `Languages of the World' ]

Another trait in common is the thick everted lips [ Arav.neg ] .

1.4 Prognathism
Pronounced prognathism is characteristic of all black races from Africa to southern India and Oceania - Australia. In addition, the teeth are relatively larger in case of Australoids and Kolarians, as well as Dravidians.

1.5 Skeletal Similarities
Long Forearm -
The forearm of Suroids and Africans are long.

Dolicocephaly -
Dolicocephaly ( long-headedness ) is common amongst Sudras. In fact, many are classed as hyperdolicocephalic. Dolicocephaly is common amongst East Africans in general ( Nilotes, Sudanic Blacks and Cushites - Hamites or Abyssinians

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