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Re: The Sudroid *Indo-Negroid* Race in the Congo *LINK*

One of the most important links between Sudroids in India and Negroids in Africa is the genetic link. It is known based on the latest genetic studies that the Blacks of Southern India and East India, Srilanka, ect (Sudroids, Dalits, Oaran, ect..) are genetically very close to Africans more than any other people and match genetically in all aspects except one.

It is also known that the "Dravidians" originated in the Sahara and East Africa (see http://dalitstan.org also see (Clyde A. Winters) and others.

The ancient Greeks and Chinese as well as Africans in East Africa all classified the ancient and modern Black Negroid peoples of India to be the Eastern Branch of the Black race and apart from racial similarities, the Dravidian languages are related to the Cushite-Ethiopic languages of East Africa. In fact a Fijian made it clear some years ago that the languages of Fiji and much of Melanesia are of African origins (read "Susu Economics" www.1stbooks.com also read "The Black Untouchables of India," by VT Rajshekar www.claritypress.com

The good thing today is that the Black people of India are reclaiming their African roots and origins and scientists are learning more about these ancient origins.

Also, apart from India and Srilanka, there is a huge Black Negroid/Negrito population from the Indian Ocean Islands (even Deago Garcia, the most remote island in the Indian Ocean) to Indonesia, Melanesia, Australia, SE Asia, Philipines and even Molokoi in Hawaii where the original and pure Black Hawaiians, the true Hawaiians and the aboriginal people of Hawaii live to this day.

Good post.

http://community.webtv.net/nubianem2 ( male iq test)

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