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Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop

Gretings my beloved and much Iyanks and blessings for your response. While we are struggling for repatriation, we must find ways and means, to establish social and economic structures, which will enable us to take good care of our African Iyaughtas, our children, and our Senior elders at home in Mama Africa, and any where upon this earth wherever we may abide. It is very clear to I an I, THAT BABYWRONG have no intention, of dealing with the Justified cause of repatriation and reparation. As we all will notice, babywrong is carrying on, in their usual brutish behavior, as if we are living in the year 1441 or there about. Repatriation meant that babywrong should make the needed efforts, to restore our people of African origin, to our original state of dignified living, legacy and heritage, meaning that we should be giving the dignity of first class passengers, on ships and planes, and be returned to Mama Africa, and that reparation be paid to Mama Africa, for More than five hundred years of slave trading Activities, against African people everywhere. In the mean time, our people and leaders in Mama Africa, should be prepared, to welcome us back home, as natural and human resources, which were stolen from Mama Africa, more than 500 years ago, therefore there should be big and great celebrations, across Mama Africa, to welcome back home her Royal sons and daughters, back to Mama Africa, their lovely and original home, but as we look at the naked situation today, nothing like that seems to be taking place, and it also seems that this will not take place in the very near future. The UNITED STATES OF AFRICA AND HER PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, are suppose to be agitating strongly, for reparation and repatriation, in the United Nations Gerneral Assemble from time to time, as a matter of the greatest priority, with African people in support all over the world, but it seems to I, that this is not a priority, instead divisions and tribal wars are flowing like great rivers in Mama Africa. You do hear about the Government of Zimbabawe, reclaiming lands which were stolen from us in Mama Africa, but you do not here of any wide scale land grants, being establsh for African people in the western hemisphere, where we are still being held in captivity. So, we must therefore ask our people, and leaders in Mama Africa, are we not Africans abroad who were stolen away,from the lands of our noble ancestors? Did we not leave our land and other inheritance there in Mama Africa when we were kidnapped and taken away? What is being done today to prepared for our repatriation and restoration, to Mama Africa our original land? When will all the countries and states in Mama Africa, create laws, which will create land grants for African people abroad so that they who can affords to pay their way back, will be welcomed across the entire continent as African people? Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad. We must however Iverstand, that migration, is really different from repatriation. Repatriation is a right which is to be paid for and be restored by babywrong. Migration is just that some one have some money and decide that they are going to Africa or any where else to live.
In the mean time, since repatriation is not appearing to be very near, then we may have to acquire small and large portion of lands, whenever, and wherever, we are able to do so, in order to be able to begin, to feed our selves and our people, and to be prepared, for the next stage of the struggle ahead of us. If we are to be able to attract the needed unity, which is needed among us as a race of people, then we must serve our people and serve them well. While all of this is taking place, those of us, as brothers and sister, who are able to migrate to Mama Africa, can go ahead and do so, in order to be able to build great bridges of communication, trust and unity, and be able to help others to go farward to our mother land. We have to just bear in mind that it will take many oceans of humbleness kindness, and good attitudes, to be able to get along, with our African brothers and sisters at home in Mama Africa. It really takes good behavior to be your savior in Mama Africa. Go there with the intention of learning serving and sharing. That will help us all to create a U7NITED STATES OF AFRICAN PEOPLE EVERWHERE..
Again I send many oceans of blessings to African people everwhere.
Ras Marcus.

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The Rastafari movemant must serve African people .
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Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop
Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop
Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop
Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop
Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop
Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop
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Re: The Rastafari movemant must serve African peop

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