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Re: Rastafari people, an offer to reason Repatriat

Greetings and much blessings Iyaughta, I have not been ignoring the I as it relates to responding to your post, I am posting from different computers since my computer is still out of order. I am not sure if this post will come through but I am trying. I do think we should really stop and think for a while, and take a real look at the conditions which we are living in as a race of people. We as Rastafari people have struggled for many dacades, and have spread the teachings of repatriation for African people, as well as complete liberation for African people every where on this earth. It is widely known by people who know the history of the Rastafari Movemant, that our cause has been the same and for ever. A great amount of sacrifices were made by our Senior elders, in the early days, in order for the Rastafari Movemant to be so widely spread, and talked about all over the world in which we live today. A whole lot of chanting and drumming were done, as well as very sacred prayers. A large number of elders were sent to jails when they were very young, in order for the Rastafari Movemant to be so wide spread today. In those days when a rastafari Idren was taken to court, there was much aexcitement in the court house, because the RASTAFARI person was not afraid to speak in the language of the prophets, they would sometimes ask the Judge, Who give authority to be judging Jah's people? and would say things like babylon the great will fall, and were not afraid to shout for fire lightening and thundering right there in the court, while it is being tried, and if asked a question, would sometimes give replies like, Thou sayest, or I am he that speak to thee with brimstone and fire, in other words, the court house was used as a public platform, to advocate for the rights of African people, and the causes which the RASTAFARI PEOPLE STOOD FOR, and there were no concern about being sent to prison, for speaking the truth as it relates to justice and rights, for African people everywhere. I can remember some RASTAFARI PEOPLE had to be set free, because they would not speak on anything else but the ten commandments, regardless what questions they were asked by the officers of the court, and that was about forty years ago.
I am making menti0on of all these things, to show that after all these sufferings, and struggles for repatriation, and reparation, babylon has still refuse to pay the cost of repatriation for African people everwhere, although they do have more ships and planes, and bigger one's too, than those which they had in the days, when we were brutalized across the middle passage.
In addition, migration is now being qouted as repatriation, so if a brother or a sista, have enough money, to buy their tickets, and can prove to African Governments, that they are rich enough, to bring money into the African Continent for investment, then they will be given visas to enter various parts of Africa, but Senior Rastafari Elders, who have struggled for the cause of African people over these many decades, will not be able to go to the land of their ancestors, because they have no money. So now repatriation has become a thing that money can buy. I am very certain that when our people were smuggled and whipped across the middle passage, they did not take their land and other belongings with them, their land and other inheritance were left right there in Mama Africa. It is therefore our duty and responsibility, to speak about these things on these international forum of reasonings, so that our people on the African continent, especially African leaders, can be aware of our concerns, and begin to find ways and means, to make laws, which will be able to restore to African people, their lands and legacy, which we left behind, when we were kiddnapped and taken across the middle passage to the western hemisphere.
It is only just that our African leaders, and the masses of our African people, in Mama Africa, should not sweep this matter, under the carpet of injustice.
In the mean time while we are contemplating these issues, we should come to the realization, that we have not been creating any social structures for ourselves or our people, as it relates to acquiring basic necessities, which our people need to live, we do not have large or even many smallfood cultivation farms, which is able to sustain our people with food and other basic needs. Therefore our people go astray, trying to find these needs among strangers, instead of among their own people. Since we are leaders and teachers of our people, then we must find ways and means to feed our people by creating employment for them. We must indeed be servants of our people if we are working for the uniteded states of Africa and her people everywhere.
A lot of time is being waste on this internet, arguing with each other, just to prove who is right or wrong, there could be a very easy solution, if many oceans of humbleness could be thrown in these issues. People should be humble and intelligent enough, to know when they are wrong, and know when they are right. It takes a great and humble person to really say I apologise and really mean it genuinely. The moment a person apologises, that person becomes a greater person instantly. So let us aviod the intellectual competition, and move ahead in positive and construction reasonings. Let us begin to serve each other and teach each other. You just cannot be a teacher without being a student as well. You just cannot be a leader, without being a servant as well. It is because of serving, why people become great leaders, it is because of learning, why people become teachers.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and reformation.
Ras Marcus.

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