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Blessed Love:

EOZ or “Empress of Zion” is a Rastafari Queen Motherhood (Sisterhood) that involves sistrens globally who are seeking to forward with the works. Our mission statement is thus:

Mission Statement:

“To fulfill the Rastafari Creed, the Empress of Zion (“EOZ”) will work collectively to ensure that the “hungry be fed, naked clothed, sick nourished, age protected and infants cared for.” EOZ also commits to the vision of His and Her Majesty to educate the youths “as the surest guarantee of a better life.”

Vision Statement of Purpose

“Empresses of Zion, educating and empowering Ras Tafari women through a rite of passage program, emphasizing culture, history and language in order to preserve and perpetuate our legacy for generations to come.”

We have a book “Empress of Zion: Voices of Rastafari Women” that we launched at Sankofa Bookstore on March 23rd, 2003, however, due to a few issues, legalities included, the book is going through a refurbishing and the release date should be announced soon. 100% of proceeds of the book will be towards the forwarding of Ras Tafari works. We have various committees and is working on various projects. When the book is released, purchasing the book will be a great contribution towards EOZ. Our website should be erected within a month, of which we again will inform the collective. At that time we will be in a position to accept memberships.

Eternal Guidance
Empress FiYah

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