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Impression of Rastafari to the Nation

I'n'I brethren who frequently speaks to the Ithiopian ambassador to the US, told I of a statement that was made by said ambassador. The gentleman said that the Federal Republic and Government of Ethiopia, saw Rastafari children as drug smugglers and reggae entertainers.

Now whether this is a fair or unfair observation, this is clearly alarming.

Let I also say that I did not post this to foster any kind of argument but for us to recognize this type of negative perception is being bandied around and that it would be in our best interest to take steps to correct this boxed in view of I'n'I movement that is headed for repartriation to said country. If the govt. sees us in such a negative light, then what grounds do we stand on when we get to the land of milk and honey? How can we engage in any reasonable form of settlement and how can we go about reclaiming the portion of the Shashemane land grant that was seized by the Derge? Will we ever be taken serious and as a legitimate claimant to the land of Ithiopia?

These are concerns that the collective must pay attention to in this time. We must begin to make these things Right and set a tone for the future generation to follow. Where is our councils and our logistics to deal with such misrepresentation of I'n'I? These are the pressing issues that needs to be addressed instead of..........

There was a conference in JA, and I have not heard anything positive since the conclusion. All that was reported was some treachery, betrayal, in-fighting, jealousy and not a single report on one single day of the proceedings is available. My daughter and one of my brethrens got into a heated debate on the purpose of the conference and what would happen after all the talks. His response was that the conference was needed, so therefore it served its purpose. My daughter wanted to know the purpose and even though he attended the conference, he wasn't quite able to outline the purposes, what was discussed and would be the follow up actions.

This is a reminder of the stagnation in Rastafari and our penchant to follow suit everything the oppressor does while claiming to perform 'good works'. All this talking and idle speculation haffe go dun and people haffe go start do some wuk, now, before it too late!

...organize and centralize to create a new race, a new nation with purpose in ONE JAH, ONE AIM AND ONE DESTINY. Blessed Love.

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