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Reissue 3 Volume 1: Autumn 2002, Pg 5

There is nothing more worthwhile and rewarding in life than to work for the benefit of others. One can derive more pleasure from giving than receiving. We believe that education is seldom prized merely on account of its usefulness to individuals. Nor is it intended to be a mere ornament and a mark of distinction and prominence to persons who are fortunate to receive it.

Those who have an opportunity to learn should always be at the disposal of those who have not had its benefits. Therefore it is not only the individual but the community at large which should benefit from the virtues of education. The words of the Holy Bible: “Give and it shall be given unto you,” are worth observing in our daily lives. You should reflect and pose to yourselves the questions, “What kind of service are we going to render to our country, and what do we intend to accomplish in life?”

It is Our firm belief that if you forego self-love and self-indulgence and break away from worldly desires you will be able to make great contributions to your family community and country. Throughout your life your competence will be gauged by the tasks you are to accomplish and you shall be rewarded accordingly. It is therefore your primary duty to work hard in order to make sure that results of your labors are worthy of the efforts spent on your education.

In the future you have to serve your beloved country with sincerity and revealing faithfulness in accordance with the golden rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself for it is only then you can be useful to yourselves and of service to your fellow countrymen.

Today the tasks to be undertaken in various field of national endeavor are not only becoming more complex but are more pressing in character each day. It is for this reason that each one should fulfill his duties and shoulder his responsibilities with industry and enthusiasm so that the tasks undertaken will be satisfactorily executed. Working and thinking for the common good are dictated by the times in which we live, and are indispensable for the progress and development of a country.

Since it is only your conscience and your creator who keep watch and closely control your various activities, we hope that those of you who are at present serving or will be required to serve, will render your services and fulfill your assignments with complete and undivided devotion and conscientiousness. We speak of discipline – the capacity to control oneself and follow through to completion what must be done and place duty first. We must remind you however, that iron discipline alone is not sufficient to meet the future. Restraint and understanding are vital qualities for responsible citizens. Your leadership must be that of careful outlook, of strong esprit de corps and one of exemplary effort and dedication.

The Words of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie 1 of Ethiopia.

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