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Sublimation of Utility

Allegories are prime examples of the sublimation of natural truths. In a previous discussion with Selassielive on the mandating of “unleaven bread” by Moses for the Semitic exodus, I postulated that the Semites had to have known that yeast; the primary leavening agent of bread, would have provided an incubator for whatever bacterial plague was ailing the Egyptians.

Recently on Nat-Geo I caught a program which sought to provide scientific explanations for the plagues of Egypt: It was vindication to hear the narrator explain the plague that caused the deaths of the Egyptian first born. I’m not going to explain the process here, suffice to say that their grain became infected and since the first born, as was customary, had first dibs, they ingested the bulk of the infected grain which proved fatal. Others may have ingested the same grain but in lesser quantity and from parts of the stores that were less infected or free of bacteria.

The scene in the Ritual; which represents the eschatological phase of Egyptian wisdom, is an overlay of natural truths with allegory, but as Massey states, the underlying truth is reckoning, as in counting or marking of time, and stays true to the purpose of symbolism in Egyptian wisdom and suggests a natural genesis for the Sodomites fire from the skies.

It is truly unfortunate that for the last 2k to 6k years the world has been mis-educated by the Semitic misrepresentation of natural truths. Religious allegory has been used to sublimate natural truths; thereby stripping them of their utility. Nothing stirs my emotions more than Mahalia Jackson’s rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, but when the song is over, what’s next. Here we are at, quite possibly, humanity's ultimate crossroad (time/change) and we are no closer to understanding it, much less arriving at a possible preventive solution if it means our extinction.

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Sublimation of Utility
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