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" Incidentally, everyone talks about the Sudan conflict as being Muslims versus Christians. What about the animists (followers of African traditional religions) who make up the majority of the Southern Sudanese population ? "

Reply :

One may find it hard to give a reasonable answer to your quest here but would still apreciateto bring tour attention in a this desperate information giving to you please ---

The New Religion penentrations in the Heart of Africa and its intentions were : -----


The History of Sudan and the People of Lado - ( Sudan Central Africa ) is characterised or indeed IN one , which is covered in , since theirs has always been a case of defending their Homeland and their Right to choose their own Way of Life on their own Land. As the wave of the new Religion ( Islam ) to the Lado peoples Religion ( Ori ) started to roll from the northern part of the African Continent around 700 a.d , the Lado People fought back the Religious Invaders from the North, and Lado acted as a Boulder which prevented Islam (Arabs) from conquering the remainder of Africa. Together with Ethiopia and Eritrea Lado was of the the first country on the African Continent to welcome Christianity - a religion with which they were aware of eversince under the Egyptian pharaonic domination right from the time following the war, which started as a Spartacus-like rebellion from 1090 b.C. to 700 b.C. when LADO became Independent from Egypt, the Sudanics ( Lado people ) left Egypt around 749 b.C. - as their predecessors the Jews had done under Moses around 11-1200 b.C. The ladoan people had always found Christianity very close to their own religion ( Ori ) inspired way of life. So Christianity has never been as such predicated as being brought and impressed upon the Social - entity people of Lado in Sudan Central Africa , justifying this to be the role play off and as part of credit to be attributed to the western world civilisation to the Africans .

The Catholicism and protestatism in Christianity came about as away of re - grouping different peoples to follow certain ways of conduct in away of life to choose and use some determing rituals TO DISTINGUISH AND DIVIDE PEOPLE in the disguise of worship Similar to Faith ( Ori ) Belief guidance of the people of Lado , The Ladoan people of Sudan Cetral Africa gave a welcome to the Catholic Fathers who showed up in the shape of their hooded cloaks , when they were sent as Missionaries ( Franciscan Fathers ) from Austria around 1711 A.D with their Mother House in Valletta, Malta.

Afterwards , Rome - Vatican decided to erect the Vicariate Apostolic of Sudan Central Africa where ( Lado ) represents the heart . The idea of this mission in Central Africa either came about at the instigation of Father Ryllo, a missionary in Syria, or thanks to the work of Father Casolani, a Maltese priest, who had made easier through his a special study of the geography of Cental Africa. Anyhow, Father Casolani was asked by the Propaganda Fide to furnish the urgently needed documentation regarding the unknown interior Sudan ( Black belt region of Africa ) . According to Casolani , there were two ways to penetrate into the interior Africa to reach the Central Heart of Africa : one leading from the Atlantic coast and the other from Northern Africa. Father Casaloni himself judged the road from Tripoli to be the safer one and therefore suggested that the Propaganda enlarged the existing Prefecture Apostolic of Tripoli with the Sahara, and to use the Prefecture as a base for further missionary undertaking. When he made clear that he would accept the leadership of a new expedition, he was appointed Vicar Apostolic of a new Vicariate. It became an independent circumscription, including also the Eastern areas of Sudan ( Black Belt Region of Africa ) , bordering on the Vicariate Apostolic of Egypt and Arabia and the Prefecture Apostolic of Abyssinia : ( Brief: " Ex debito pastoralis officii " of Pope Gregory XVI, 3 April 1846 ). The erection of the vicariate, independent of the Prefecture Apostolic of Tripoli including the Eastern Sudan part came as a surprise.

It was on 26 January 1846 that the Congregatio Generalis with the approval of Pope Gregory XVI decided to start a reconnoitering expedition in Sudan Central Africa . Nevertheless,the decree of erection was issued two months later, and this emphasized the clear intention of the Propaganda Fide to start the mission at once . Originally Casolani ' s attention was directed to the Western Sudan part of the Vicariate only ; he intended to explore the Kingdoms of Bournou, Niffe, Hausa, Bambara and the much - discussed town of Timbuktu

The inclusion of the eastern part brought about a change in his plans and he diverted his attention Eastward. He now considered the way along the Nile in order to reach South to Central Africa ( Lado territory ) easier than the route across the Sahara desert. Some wavering and puzzling attitude of Casolani in conducting his mission caused Father Ryllo to become the leader of this group . Father Ryllo died, and was succeeded by Father Ignace Knoblecher of the Austrian Instutute " Marien-Verein ", which adopted the mission and sent more missionaries as well as financial support. The missionaries on their move southwards succeeded in opening the centres at Khartoum, Gondokoro and Holy Cross , but all efforts proved to be in vain due to the loss of workers in the merciless conditions - whereabout there was already a great deal of Islamic influence .

However Don Mazza of the Verona Institute came to the rescue, but could not last in the stay for long . In 1860 the Vicariate was in a desperate position, and the only solution to meet the desperate situation was judged to be the handing over of the mission to a religious congregation . As a last resort Propaganda fide called in once again the Franciscans to whom the vicariate was formally transferred in 1861. This too proved to be a make shift measure only and in 1866 the last station was closed .

The Vicariate of Egypt took over the administration of the Vicariate Apostolic of Central Africa. The devoted service of half a generation of many a human life seemed to have ended in failure. In the same year 1866, Cardinal Lavigerie accepted the care of the western part of the vicariate, which became the Prefecture Apostolic of the Sahara . Msgr. Daniel Comboni became the champion of the cause of the Vicariate Apostolic of Central Africa ; he worked unceasingly for the reopening of the mission. Finally, in 1872, he and his followers of the Verona Institute " pro missionibus apud nigritos " started work in the Re - established Vicariate, which had been reduced in size by the creation of the Prefecture Apostolic of the Sahara. The vast region area Sudan --- by the Decree of 14 Feb , 1911 , limited the nothern limits of the Prefecture Apostolic of Ubangi - chari extending it to the 13 degree N Lat . , the new territory being taken away from the Vicariate Apostolic of the Sudan Central Africa.

Futhermore the re - organisation of Central Africa was done on May , 1913, whereby the Prefecture Apostolic of Bar - el - Gazal was newly formed by seperating it from the Sudan mission Central Africa once again ; by the Decree signed on 30 May , 1913 , thus the official name of the new mission changed to be the Vicariate Apostolic of Khartum. Yet , The Central Africa Vicariate remains the Vicariate Central Africa - ( Lado ) with Main Large Population of Catholic Faith and those of Ori Faith in common .

Therefore there are no religious fights which go on in Sudan Central Africa in the plight as always is the propaganda by the western mass media to divide the thinking mind of the African people . Especially in the draughft Constitution of LADO of 9th May 1772 in which was assisted by the Jesuits who travelled to Lado from their Valletta house in Malta clearly expresses the Freedom of worship in Lado land ( and deeply lies in the law of the State of Lado ) - Sudan Central Africa . That is to say of the incoming faiths of Christianity and Islam to their own faith ( ORI ) . But as a divide and rule policy which is the mind formation of the Europeans and Arabs , use and adopt Religion as a working formular to expand their military might over their colonial countries in Africa .

To fight a military war with people , they must invent an excuse and unfortunately religion is always the best means found out; for people to fight and kill themselves A situation which Lado rejects and resists to this political philosophy of Western European and Arab orientations to dominate the Blacks .

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