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Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits

Well, the journey of life is not always smooth, and even as we travel on a daily basis, some times we travel over hills and Valleys and very stony roads, so, now we are going to travel over some hills and valleys in reasoning, so please be strong for these are going to be rough roads.When I was a young man, there used to be some African Patriots with whom I worked in the struggle for African liberation, we faced our persecutors and prosecutors together, in the courts, and confounded them, we walked the streets of the cities together teaching our people, we were mocked and jeered together, we suffered and bored our tribulations together, and endured to cultivate self determination among our people, and today the Rastafari Movement is known all over the world, internationally speaking. We met at Assembles, and drummed and chant and danced Iyabinghi, and reasoned and sharpened each other's minds, but today, they are not with me any more, they have exited from the great journey of life, I just do not know where to find them.

I can only name some of them for they are too many to be type written on this computer screen. I can think of Bongo Haki, Sister Haki, Bongo Johnny, Ras Peter the Great and Sister Nellie, Ras Sam Brown, Ras Mortimer Planner, Bongo Watu, Bongo Bigger, Ras Pidow, Ras Headful, Bongo Time, Ras Derminte, Bongo Spence, Ras Shadrock, Ras Meshach and Ras Abendigo, Bongo Jack, Sister Daphne, Bongo Pooru, Sister Ina, Ras Dasilva, Ras Niemiah, Ras Iyizzy Iyanny, Ras Iyatanya, and so many more too many to be writen here.

They were all travellers on this great journey of life, then I just looked around and they were all gone, I think that they have finished this journey and they are gone, can you tell me where they are? The journey of life continues. Take the best care of yourself and your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus

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Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits
Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits
Dejazmatch Tafari Makonnen
A Role Call Of Rememberance Must Be Established.
Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits
Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits

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