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Re: Haiti has $20 Billion in Oil and Gold

The resources of a country should always be used primarily to strengthen that countryís economy, with the hopes of securing a prosperous future for upcoming generations. This is a very basic right that few would argue with since it makes complete common sense. However, at the moment, the resources of Haiti are being exploited by US and Canadian mining companies and they are being strongly helped by callous politicians, and ably assisted by those who would rather turn a blind eye to these crucial events.

It has now been confirmed that an estimated (usually means a lot more) $20 billion worth of natural resources was found in and around the Caribbean island of Haiti- these resources include, gold and other precious minerals in the north and large oil deposits in the waters off the island. Many geo-physicists have long held the view that there are massive amounts of oil in that area; recently there was a major oil find in the waters surrounding Cuba. Many mining companies from these North American superpowers have already begun extracting these minerals from an island that is constantly regarded as the poorest in the western hemisphere. Aside from the socio-economic theft, mining can pollute waters and this naturally will have a disastrous effect on human, plant and animal life in the surrounding villages.

Regardless of the propaganda that has been spread about the island, Haiti will always be a great source of inspiration to those who fully understand the spirit of African rebellion. Even if one revisits the recent history of the island, it is clear that certain acts are directly linked to these latest developments. Infrastructure, such as roads that were built using local labor will be utilized to allow for the efficiency of these foreign (ad) ventures with little or no gain to the majority of Haitians.

Added to this dilemma is the latest ruling by the Dominican Republicís Constitutional Court which will block more than 200,000 people born in the country to immigrants- the majority being of Haitian descent- from ever becoming citizens. This writer is not sure these two incidents are unrelated.

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Re: Haiti has $20 Billion in Oil and Gold

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