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The proper starting point to feel here , is viewing Africa's position in this complex World Affairs . Africa seems to have a lot of problems , and indeed Africa well known still has a lot of problems but gradually must find its way to arrive to solutions to these problems .

Wide and apart as an issue , there is the feeling that , in order for the Africans to find a good standing point , the Africans should start examining in handling their History going back to the time when the Slave trade started for them , come through colonization , then come through decolonization , and then examine at least how the IMF [ International Monetary Fund ] and the World Bank are operating and controlling the financial issues of Africa , thus finding out suitable methods , procedures and certain degree of mechnisms for the economic development of Africa , then lastly come to understand the present campaign for globalization on this world . According to the observations in Lado , all of these issues ( Slave trade teaching of about Africans , Colonisation , Created Financial Institutions in the terms of IMF ) are mere techniques , which are being used to control the Economic resources of Africa . When one says - Economic resources - , that also includes the African Personnel , the African people .

According to most intellectuals in Lado , it might be a little bit hard, but it is yet in the Continent of Africa , the official European policy of Governments , seem to see Africa as nothing except a source of Economic resources , and cheap Labour / Labor . Therefore , when one hears of the sayings from the Continent of Europe : there's genocide in Burundi , genocide in Rwanda , genocide in Congo , genocide in Lado , genocide in Sudan or North Sudan / South Sudan , genocide in Uganda , or genocide anywhere in an African country , it does not affect the European Governments , so long as Europe can still continue getting the economic advantage . That explains why , when for example , former Zaire's President Mobutu was being fought to be overthrown , everybody knew that president Mobutu was going to die shortly anyway . Why do you need to have such a big war , to overthrow a man who is already going to die ? Now , he was thrown out and he died in exile , but where was / is the peace in D R Congo / former Zaire ? Where now is the Democratic Republic of Congo left with the economic advantage ? Many people continued and still continue saying it as an excuse that it is too short a time to see it , but if you see it as it is , chasing President Mobutu out would definitely not have brought a solution to the problem of Congo / Zaire in Africa at all . The Colonial Apparatus is still and always effective in Africa till todate .

So, where does African problem lie ?

One , it lies in the Colonial apparatus , which is still effective in Africa , either under the British Commonwealth or with other European Powers . There are some Africans who will say or say , " Oh , African Countries are Independent ," but look and to assure you as a reader here , that those of African Countries who are under the British Commonwealth , have no SOVEREIGNTY . They don't have it . And if you don't believe it , those of you who are members of the UN , the Ladoans don't know whether they have changed it , but the British High Commissioner, or the British Ambassador to the UN , calls weekly meetings for all the Commonwealth Countries Ambassadors to UN , so that when they go to vote , they are going to vote as Britain says . And it is internally , legally correct , because when they became a Commonwealth member , They signed a British Privy Council document , which says that , the Commonwealth Countries surrender their SOVEREIGNTY to the British SOVEREIGN . So when these African Commonwealth Countries are complaining , for example " Why is Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni behaving like this " ? or " Why is so and so Mr President in Africa doing that ?

LOOK ! These African Presidents are getting their orders from somewhere . They do not operate on their own . For heaven's or hell's sake , President Museveni of Uganda or like other Presidents in Africa do not make guns . In Uganda how would President Museveni support all that war , support Mr. Laurent Kabila all the way to Kinshasha to overthrow the former President of Zaire in Africa , have Ugandan Soldiers sent to Iraq , maintain Ugandan Soldiers in Somalia and other remote corners of the world ? That is one problem . The other problem is , when the Africans talk of the International Community , who are the International Communities ? Again , the International Community is composed of mainly of European Countries . They are the ones , which have the Power and North America only . There is no African country which can say , " It is a part of the International Community ," because the AFRICANS don't have any right to make Decisions . So they collectively as African Countries , only sit and say in their Headquarters of former Organisation of African Unity / OAU or known today as African Union / AU in Addis Abba – Ethiopia , " Why aren't they coming these White Europeans ? We are killing ourselves in Africa . What is United Nations – UN doing for the Africans " ? But what is the UN ? Why should the Europeans send their people to go and die , in saving the miserable Africans in the corner of an Africa country somewhere remains the question really the Africans should ask themselves in the first place .

Now , where is the problem ?

Again, the problem comes back , which lies in the European Policy , Africa as a land , probably should not belong to the Africans , because the Africans don't have SOVEREIGN RIGHTS . If One looks at it , it is that the only African countries that have Sovereign Rights at the moment , are : Lado , though not independent , Ethiopia , Egypt , and Eritrea . These are the Countries , which can Legally stand up in the United Nations - UN and say , " Hey Fellow Country GUYS in the UN , NO OTHER COUNTRY cannot tell us what to do , because We are by Ourselves . " But the rest in Africa , they either have to consult Paris , or London , some Washington , some Lisbon . Sad indeed , there is no way that Africa can do anything , so what should they do ?

One of the things that Africa could like to ask the European Campaigners here , is that , for Africa ( the Africans ) to start a Campaign , is to abrogate the Berlin Treaty of 1885 , where Europe ( Europeans ) decided to share Africa and decided to own Africa , so that at least legally on paper , the World can say , Hey , this Law here is now removed : at least that gives Africa ( Africans ) room to do things for by itself .

There is a factor in Africa as an example , the people in the Nation - State LADO know , is that the Organization for African Unity / OAU was created under the same Treaty under European Guidance and even today's of African Union ( AU ) . That is why we , in Lado , the Lado People find it difficult and therefore freely cannot go to the OAU or AU and say , Oh , OAU / AU ! , please help Lado . The People of Lado can not do that , because the OAU or AU can not do it . They ( OAU / AU ) will go to London first and ask London, what do you say ? Can we help them ?

The answer is They don't . Or they will go to Paris and whereby there is No answer given . Unless this questioning issue is removed from African minds of Independence and Free will of thinking ( Thought Mind Issues ) , the same people from Africa have still a long way to go realy in Free mind thinking in / on Political Organisation Affairs . Yet we all know what Politics is all about : ----------------------- The Objective based on people's mode of : CONSTITUTION BUILDINGS , ORGANISATION LEVEL BUILDINGS , ADMISTRATION BUILDINGS AND BASED ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND PARTICIPATION ISSUES ON THE BUILD AND RE- BUILD ISSUES OF A STATE – NATION BEING . IN SHORT , IS TO HAVE THE DEGREE OF THAT POLITICAL MIND IN PROTECTING THEIR LAND , THEIR PEOPLE , AND THEIR PEOPLE'S INTERESTS . LADO NATION – KINGDOM , WAS BUILT ON THIS PRINCIPLES LONG WAY BEFORE the European Colonisation political theories in their Negative Aspects were imposted on African People .

The European Philosophy till todate remains of their minds thinking is that : an African human being is below an European human being . Just immagine a white Italian politician Senator Roberto Calderoli in year 2013 got the guts to describe a poor African Lady qualified medical Physician doctor and a Politician in Italian Society now ( became Italian Citizen and a responsible Member of Parliament as a full Minister of Immigration Affairs in Italy ) was heavily attacked by this White Italian Senator on her talk discussions on FOREIGN IMMIGRATION ISSUES in Italy , as an animal ( Monkey – Orango compared to woman reasoning ) in her talks views on Immigration and Intergrations regulations that could be presented in Parliament for discussions in the Italian Parliament . The point here to note is of this poor woman Ms Hon . Cécile Kashetu Kyenge with Origines from Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa , Is She in a Right or wrong place in the Italian Society or Italian State Government Cabinet , really to open her mouth for talks as a black African woman ?

The Education of Statesmen

The main problem in Africa is Education for the Africans which they failed till todate to establish . The African politicians do not actually know what a politician is supposed to do for his country . They think you become a politician to make money quickly , and get rich quickly for the Country . And they go about looking for the Donors to give Money . And One guess now to know who are the Donors ? And yet , a politician , as we all know is supposed to be somebody , who is dedicated to protecting his people , the interests of the People , the Country Land , and to Organizing the country , so that the people can Produce .

The second thing is , the Africans should also learn what Economics is . None of them knows the mechanism of Money . We are poor . We are poor , they always cry out and yet all the minerals are there in Africa . Africa is the poorest , and yet Africa is the richest . Now , what is the problem ? Why don't Africans learn how Economics operates , how Money operates ? Again , it goes back to SOVEREIGNTY . If if these African Countries are not SOVEREIGN , they have no right to Create Money . No , they can not . So they have to forget to do it !

Now , the third , is SCIENCE OR KNOWELDGE as such . As Africans , need scientific knowledge , One is reading a beautiful view of this man ( Cheikh Anta Diop ) in the 1960s , '70s , but how many can really do something , so that at least , in an African country , a man can really do something , so that at least , a man can sit in a corner in peace and make a bicycle , or manufacture a needle , because if he cannot do that , then he will always say, " Oh , may be the Europeans are superior ," because everything he gets , he gets from Europe . He is unable and can not see it , and learn , and try to produce something for himself . When industrialization started in Europe , the Europeans started with food production , agricultural things , but nothing like that takes place in Africa . And instead , all of Africa's poor want Bread from Europe , and , of course , they ( Europeans ) will give it , just for pleasure , but its not for free . They don't give it for free .

True Knowledge is the key to power . So , what are the Africans going to do ? May be the Schilelr Institute should take one or two Africans and train them , to see how these things work , so that when one goes to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund - IMF , may be at least , one can get better conditions . Instead , they ( Europeans ) get a Minister or an Ambassador from African Countries who knows nothing about finance , to come to negotiate . Then , may be he ( the African ) drinks very nicely , and then tomorrow he is told , You sign . He signs , and he has signed the whole country off . It is remembered here in Lado that , at one time attending a meeting with the former person who was in charge of the World Bank . I think it was Robert McNamara . He said , " I have been working with the World Bank for so many years , and I have been waiting to hear an African say no , to the conditions we give them , but non has said it " . Up to until he retired , no African came and said , " Hey Boss , these conditions are bad . We are not going to take it , and the explanations , because they the Africans at such meetings don't know what economics is , how it functions . Why don't they know ? Because they have been badly taught . For example , right from the Colonial era administrations and after the Colonial Countries which became independent , nothing changed of the Education programmes of the Colonial mentality , such is : even in the African Parliaments of today the Presidents continue still to be nominated and approved by the Colonial Authorities . How do you expect people who have been treated like this for 2 generations , 70 years to run themselves ?

Alas ! The education policy , training policy got in Africa , is still the Colonial one . The Africans are supposed to be just Clerical groups . Even if an African gets a Ph.D. in a University somewhere , He or She will get that prestige , but in reality , He or She doesn't know what He / She can actually produce with that Ph.D . So , that is how the Lado People see it . In Africa the Ladoan People say that they need to do a lot in training , in learning , and they have to do something to remove this idea that Africa belongs to Europe . Those who may not believe this , if you take the World Organizations , how they group the world , One notices that Africa is not a part of Africa . South Africa is attached to Australia and New Zealand . Now , where are the African Countries between the Sahara and the Kalahari deserts ? May be North Africa , Algeria and Morocco will be attached to the Middle East . What happens with Africans in the middle ? So , One thinks really Africans have a lot to do for themselves , and with those who want to help them , so that , at least , they ( Africans ) have a face as Africans . Africans need knowledge and they must know that it takes long to learn . No need rushing in acquiring Knowledge only from text books writen by the Western Europeans . You get knowledge from every corner parts of the World and right from and inside Africa as well . Knowledge is a key to power to over come our problems in Africa still and to look to the future for the better . This is the Instance in Lado we strongly believe into for our future Generations on to come . The World does not end today !


The interpretation of Berlin Treaty :

The Berlin treaty of 26th. Febuary 1885 in history opened the chapter for this matter of the colonisation of Africa . The article 6 of the treaty is very clear on this issue . The Central Africa ( Lado ) remained the biggest problem ever , since from 1885 till to date , because in a broad legal sense Lado people as a Nation - State Kingdom , refused and still rejects to sign to the former colonial and to the present forces who aspire still for the overall legitimate control of this Sudan Central Africa – Lado . That means Lado has not been colonised by any foreign forces in accordance to the Berlin treaty as such . The Belin treaty is still in force as there has not yet been another treaty signed to nullify the Berlin conference which established the treaty itself , thus to cancel it . The Colonial powers and the present proxy forces know more about this , but unfortunately , it seems most African Community Members of States of today may or may not care to know of this fact . Thus living the Lado issue to dissolve in nulla . Up to now , there has still been no present African Nation-State as such , who has at least courage /the guts to put to the International Community ( such as UN ) the challenge of the illegality of the Berlin Treaty and its implications . Probably , there is a definite answer to that , when the present Modern States acquired their so called , independences from the colonial powers in the most absurd incomprehensible ways . By signing to be independent they only favoured for a second time , the application of the implication of the Berlin Treaty . All in all , with few exceptions , African Modern State / Country Leaders , obeyed to sign to live and exist under the power Authority ( Sovereignty ) of the foreign powers , specially in international and internal decision makings for them . In Lado Language SOVEREIGNTY means NDUVUNDUVU .

In international relations , these countries WITH NO SOVEREIGN POWERS , have no Capacity to decide and therefore no Sovereignty . This is the reason why these independent Modern African Nations / Countries find themselves in difficulties to raise the issue of Lado affairs at an International conference for discussions . Independence and freedom for Lado is to be established according to the provisions of the United Nations Charter .


The geographical area of Lado is located at the " White Nile " in the Nile–Congo Watershed Region , which also shares borders with Sudan , Central African Republic D R Congo , Uganda , Kenya and Ethiopia . But if you check your present / Modern World maps , Lado is not found . The reason being that the West and as such , the Europeans have pulled out Lado from the Maps by stretching out the Lado Country-Kingdom to Sudan , Uganda , the Congo and the Central African Republic countries . This prerogative objective was a master mind complot and finally to result as the conquest and totally of the destruction of Lado as a people and Land . Done this from 1910–1914 , Britain and Lado entered into a military war battle which lasted for 5 ( five years ) from 1914 – 1919 . The war came to a stop as peace agreement ( Truce ) and was reached and signed by Britain and Lado in 1920.

The British Diplomat sent to Lado

A Senior Police High Commissioner in South Africa Mr E. Weatherhead , participated to end up the Lugbari ( Lado ) British War from 1914 - 1919 . The British envoy was sent to Odupi in Lado to sign this Agreement on belhaf of the British Crown . The British on the diplomatic character honoured to respect the existence of the State of Lado Kingdom . The Agofe / King of Lado signed the peace agreement for Lado . As a legitimate recognition , the Agofe ( King ) of Lado was awarded the Merit of the highest Order in Council of the Queen ( The title Order in Merit , O M. ) . Mr E . Weatherhead in turn was appointed then , Governor General to represent the British Crown to Lado with Headquarters in the Capital of Lado , Arua .

Read hereby as of reference to Weatherhead in South West Lado ( known as West Nile by the Ugandans ) :

One of the Cardinal out come of this Truce was to prepare an understandable future Diplomatic relations to be estabished between Britain and Lado and to find meaningful terms on the Water uses in question and particularly the uses of the water flows of the White Nile river . ( cf : The Nile–Water diplomacy ) , as put it , who controls the entire Nile Valley water flows from the Nile source up to Egypt Nile delta , controls Egypt . Britain being quite aware and till todate tried and tries to push out any other foreign powers to establish and exercise any Rule Authority directly or indirectly over the Land territories through which the Nile water flows . Looking at Maps and following the flow course of the River White Nile , and you will find out that the bulk of the source of the Nile flow is in the bolt hold of the source by Lake Ombizako which the British named Lake Albert and really part of the Lake is in of Lado Kingdom .

Lado was and or is the strategic Land to be under the supervision of Britain as she had already secreetly occupied Egypt in 1882 . Therefore the other Western foreign Powers of the world had to be pushed away from occupying Lado . By war or not Britain must take Lado as a possession under the Crown of Britain . This is the leading chapter to the European and Western major conflict over Lado . For the best reasons known only to the Western European history writers , it is hard to find the name Lado being used in their writings . Lado is vaguely refered to as Side territory , That Area of Central Africa , and of course widely in use now , Lado is hidden under the collective term name of the Great Lake regions of Central Africa , and now again , as South Sudan State to suit the cause and the course of events of the wars in Central Africa of which Lado is the heart . Lado and its history must not be known and Lado never to be a Kingdom State standing in Africa .


King Leopoldo of Belgium , Head of the Free State of the Congo considered the Sudan territory of Side ( also known by the name Sweat Leopoldiano ) like part of his territory . When in 1881 the Ladoans and the revolt of the Black Arabised Mahdi , made loose to Egypt the control of Sweat , Leopoldo in turn decided to send diverse men and his Belgium Military units to the Side of his expeditions and settled down a position in Lado . Agreements with Great Britain ( 12 of May and 14 of August of 1894 ) recognized the temporary possession to him of the territory called formally Side Enclave , separated from the province of Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan . The agreement was modified by the 9 of May of 1906 having delimited the sphere of influence of both States in the Nile and Tanganyika Lake whereby certain territories of the sphere of British influence were left into the hands of the Free State of the Congo . The territory mentioned has " the Eastern border is the Nile , the western one is the Nile Basin , the border of the North is a horizontal line through Fashoda , and the one of the South is the German Eastern Africa . While this territory remains in being of the Free State of the Congo , it will have a special flag for that matter .

The territory within the agreement was divided in two zones by the line of the 30 degrees : the western one would always belong to the Sovereigns of the Free State of the Congo and the Eastern one would be rented to the Sovereign and would return to British Sovereignty after the death of Leopoldo II . After protests of France to Leopoldo II , it was agreed in turn that the territory to the East of the line of the 30 degrees was reduced to 15,000 miles square . This territory became the Enclave of Side ( although it was not an enclave ) , a seperate administration was established in the city of Side , Capital Lado then .

See Map of Lado traced below in reference to :

Great Britain in her pretext protested soon by the bad administration of the Territory by the Belgian King Leopoldo II . King Leopoldo made as a donation the Congo Free State to Belgium , thus becoming a Colony ( The Belgian Congo ) in 1908 . Leopoldo II died in 1909 and the unclear illegal adopted term of renting ( Leasing ) territory side to the King up to 1910 seized to exist thus reverting it to Britain " . Britain in acts to destroy Lado decided on her own with war campaigns against any of the Western powers who dared to enter into Lado Affairs , partitioned then , most of the Territory Land Enclave ( Lado ) , incorporting it into the State of Sudan , except for a portion of the South – west that was ceded to Uganda and part of South – east was left to be Belgium colony . Britain pretends and forgets , in the legal consensus , that Lado is a property of Lado people but not a possession as such for rents . No single Lado person has at any one time signed with no any foreign power and not even with Great Britain herself to give the right of ownership of Lado territory to foreign Rules or for Rents to other Countries .

What today is talked of Independent Southern or South Sudan country , was / has been and actually is the secreet move to see that the part of North Lado region remains attached to the southern part of the Sudan State . The real South Sudan has been and still is the Country which was incorporated in the Anglo/Egyptian Sudan and lies deep in the Sudan State 5° 30 mins parallel of latitude above the northen limit border of Lado as writen here in this text writing already and had Independence as the Republic of Sudan in 1956 .


Rising of the so called Morden States of Sudan ( now North Sudan and South Sudan ) and its implication on Lado

Before , Sudan State both North and South was known as Mahdi State not until 2nd September 1898 . The Mahdi State was militarily defeated by the combined forces of Britain and the Egyptian forces thus becoming later to be known , the Anglo/Egyptian Sudan State in 1899 . Both Egypt and Britain decided in 1955 to give independence to this territory becoming The State of Sudan in a stretch of Land with its Southern parts boardering with the north limit border of Lado Nation - State Kingdom . ( cf: Lugbari ( Lado ) / Belgium convention Treaty of 28th September 1892 ) for the International Recognition of the Nation - State of Lado existence in Africa and that is according to and following the Berlin Treaty Implication Agreements for the Recognition of the States created in Africa by the Europeans .


The population of Lado is estimated at 10 million souls now at the time of writing here . It is composed of mainly Sudanics who are the 29 ethnic – tribe groups ( Lugbari, Madi , Moru , Bari , Keliko , Logo , Kebu / Ndu , Lendu , Avukaya , Gimara , Azande , Makaraka , Kakua , Kuku , Gbaka , Anyara/Anara , Bongo , Mumvu , ---- etc --- etc ---- ) . The Alur and Jonam are the only non – Sudanic ethnics in Lado . They are a Luo language spoken ethnics . The languages spoken in Lado are Lue , Lui , Luo and Luu tribes who have their affliation / association / federation to the State Kingdom of Lado since from the Modern State of LADO was estblished , 9th May 864 a.d . Specifically the spoken Luu and Lui languages in close affinity are understandable to all for communications in Lado .

The Lado Military Troops Mutiny in the Uganda Protectorate 1897 - 1901 over the British Rule

A mutiny in 1897 by the Ladoan Soldiers which the British have always wrongly called the Sudanese Mutiny in Uganda in their history writings was suppressed after two years of fighting , during which the Baganda Christian allies of the British once again demonstrated their support for the colonial power over them ( Buganda / Uganda ) . This Uganda support led Britain took a more active interest in the Uganda Protectorate , and in 1899 Sir Harry Johnston was commissioned to visit the country and to make recommendations on its future administration in Uganda .

The main outcome of his mission was the Buganda Agreement of 1900 , which formed the basis of the British relations with Buganda / Uganda for now more than 50 years in existence. Under its terms the Kabaka / King of Buganda ( or Uganda in Britain's denomination ) was recognized as Ruler of Buganda or Uganda as long as he remained faithful to the Protecting Authority ( under the Sovereignty Rule of Britain ) . His council of chiefs , the Lukiko / Parliament , was given Statutory recognition . The leading chiefs benefited most from the agreement , since , in addition to acquiring greater authority , they were also granted land in freehold to ensure their support for the negotiations . Johnston later made other agreements of a less detailed nature with the Ruler Chief of Toro (1900) , and subsequently a third agreement was made with the Ruler of Ankole (1901) and here on with other regions which signed various Agreements to be or became part of Buganda / Uganda State today .

The presence of Lado Soldiers in Uganda

These Lado Soldiers were the former soldiers who served the khedive of Egypt in Lado by then when Lado was a Province of Egypt . Britain recruited these Lado Soldiers through the Agreement which Britain made with Lado Authorities known in History as the KAVALLI AGREEMENT of 17th September 1891 whereby a British Imperial Army ( King's African Rifles ) was established in 1891 under this Agreement . The Agreement was signed by the English Captain Frederick D. Lugard who later became the Governor - General of Nigeria for Great Britain and a Citizen of Lado , Major Selim Matera signed for Lado . Frederick Lugard who of the Imperial British East Africa Company , and with these soldiers formed the core of the British Military combined forces to carve out much of Britain's East African Empire . Under this Treaty too , the British managed to engage all the Lado Military forces strong men Fighters forming the first King African Rifles / KAR Strong men fighters ( Soldiers ) along side the British Kings Forces . The Long time later to become Agofe King of Lado Anacleto Ataboa , was taken into this Army of the British / African Kings Rifle . The King reached the Military rank of Colonel , serving in the Kings African Rifles ( KAR ) in the 4th Regiment which was British , with headquaters at Bombo in Uganda . He went to fight for the British in Burma in 2° World War ( WWII ) with the 4th Regiment of the Kings Africans Rifles under his command , which later was stationed at Jinja in Uganda.

Lado Military mutiny in 1897

Following the Military mutiny in 1897 by these Lado soldiers of the hursh British ruling in Uganda and Britain wanting to send them to fight their own brothers in North Lado in 1897 decided to fight off the British rightly in Uganda . This Mutiny was suppressed after two years of fighting by the British soldiers combined with the Indian - Asian soldiers which were brought in from India and with the Baganda / Ugandans Christian allies of the British which demonstrated their support for the British Colonial power over them in Uganda .

As a reward for this support by the Baganda / Ugandans , and in recognition of Buganda's / Uganda's formidable military presence , the British negotiated a separate Treaty with Buganda , granting it a large measure of autonomy and self-government within the larger protectorate under indirect rule . One-half of Bunyoro's conquered territory was awarded to Buganda as well , including the historic heartland of the Kingdom containing several Nyoro ( Bunyoro ) royal tombs . Buganda / Uganda doubled in size from ten to twenty counties (sazas) , but the lost counties of Bunyoro remained a continuing grievance that would return to haunt Buganda or Uganda State in the 1960's till todate 3,000 a.d .

Meanwhile , for the Lado people , the Military mutiny in 1897 by the Ladoans , had a permanent dramatic devastating effect on them as a military reprisal . The people of Lado became discriminated , continued to be and till todate 3,000 a.d , regarded as the bad people in Uganda and making them live desperate life as Displaced Persons , the Stateless Persons and the Internal Refugee Problems arising among them and they became and are often now called by the British and in the East African Countries ( especially in Uganda as Nubians : and that amounts so , beacause of their belief religion - ORI beliefs and for many of them believing in Muslim faith beliefs / Islam . Yet these people are the only major Community descendents of LUU and LUI people in / of Lado Kingdom who ever since then were being held mainly in Uganda and Kenya as Prisoners in Reservation camps , the so called Restricted Settlements at ( Bombo , Soroti , Gulu in Uganda and Kibira near Nairobi in Kenya ) , all this was started by the British since 1897 . The British and the Ugandans may perdon a Ladoan and call him a Ugandan of Ugandan Citizen , if he or she is or accepts to belong to / become of Anglican Christian or of Roman Catholic faith ---- than otherwise a Ladoan is a Nubian or sometimes identified as Anyanya – Soldier Foreigners in Uganda and therefore can not participate in Uganda Politics : in Uganda they get killed if found till todate .

The truth behind is that The British have never forgotten nor forgiven the Lado people of their religion beliefs of 0RI , Muslim / Islam for this Breach of Discipline , which explains why these displaced People easily identified and referred to as The Nubians in East Africa , are still being punished and secreetly murdered with impunity day in and day out as Unwanted Persons and heavily discriminated against , very much like the American Indians were treated by the Europeans .

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