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The name Sudan is being wrongly used , it doesn't reflect the Social Identities of the people . Anyhow , the name Sudan in a broad sense , refers in Arabic languages and collectively to Blacks of Africa , south of Sahara desert : that vast extending territory areas covering up the belt zones from the Western African Coast of Atlantic Ocean to the East African Coast of Indian Ocean . Notably , within this belt Region /Territory , are founded people in years of centuaries to centuaries , who lived in an organised social ways of lifes in this geographical areas giving rise to Nations / Countries / States or Kingdoms before the Arabs and the Western Europeans came up with their modes of imposing their chacteristic civilasations of colonialism to change the whole immage of the face of these various communities of people in the whole of Africa .


The conquest of the Sudan ( Sudan in Arabic – Bilad-es-Sudan ) means , country of the Blacks – that region of Africa which stretches, south of the Sahara desert and Egypt , ( Egypt fell under Arab Rule in the Jihad war of 700 b.c. on the Black Egyptians of the Pharaonic civilisation of Africa ) . This Black Land areas stretches from Cape Verde on the Atlantic to Massawa on the Red Sea as said above .

It is bounded South :

1) by the maritime countries of the west coast of Africa ,

2) by the basin of the Congo ,

3) by the equatorial lakes ,

4) and East , by the Abyssinian and Galla highlands.

Meanwhile the name ' SUDAN ' is often used in Great Britain in a restricted sense and deliberately to designate only the Eastern part of this vast territory of Africa , the really name refers to be properly applied to the whole areas indicated , which correspond roughly to that portion of Negroid Africa north of the equator under Mahommedan influence by the Arabs . The terms Nigritia and Negroid land , at one time current , referred to and still refer to the same region by the Europeans in their Literture writings about the Blacks or the Negroids of the Continent of Africa .


The Sudan has an ethnological rather than a physical unity , and politically it is divided into a large number of States , all now under the control of Christian–European powers with exception of the exclusive Affairs of Lado ( Lado Enclave – State Affairs in Africa ) which till todate the Europeans find it hard issue to bring under their Rule Control / Authority .

The Sudan contains the basin of the Senegal and parts of three other hydrographic systems , namely :

The Niger , draining southwards to the Atlantic ;

The central depression of Lake Chad ;

The Nile , flowing northwards to the Mediterranean lying within the tropics and with an average elevation of not more than 1500 to 2000 feet above the sea .

The most Regions of the back cut off from the black North Africa by the Saharan desert , the inhabitants , who belong in the main to the Negroid family proper , are thought to have received their so called and wrongly much talked of earliest civilisation from the East of Arab influence and the Muslim religion began to be felt first in the Western Sudan as early as the 9th century and had taken deep root by the end of the 11th centuary . The trend of the spread of Islam was through the war ( Jihad war ) declared on the black people which started from 700 b.c in the North / Northern part of Africa .

The existence of Black Native States of Nubia , Ethiopia , Eritrea and Lado Kingdoms hindered for some centuries the spread of Islam in the Eastern Sudan. And throughout , these Country States , many and most people of the tribes remained and have still remained without even later seeking of the Western European ways of worship ( Religions ) or without the Arab Religion - Islam , hence sticking to their own way of worship ( Religions ) till todate . Such is like ORI belief Religion Affair in Lado .

It was not until the last quarter of the 18th century that the European Natives became and created the ruling force to replace and re–estabish what the Arabs had / were doing on the Africans , but this time the Europeans were doing it and till todate in the cloak name of Christianity out of which is fogged their political Limelights in the Continent of Africa .

The terms Western , Central and Eastern Sudan became indicative of a created geographical positions merely . Infact the various States existing before in Africa came up to be turned into the so called Modern European created States in Africa and so politically became divisible into the four groups by the Western European political minds up to this date writing here :

1) Those , West of the Niger river ;

2) Those , between the Niger and Lake Chad ;

3) Those , between Lake Chad and the Basin of the Nile river;

4) Those , in the Upper Nile Valley river .

The first group includes the African Native States of Bondu , Futa Jallon , Masina , Mossi and all the tribes within the great bend of the Niger . In the last quarter of the 18th century they fell under the Control of France , the region being styled officially the French Sudan . In 1900 this title was abandoned by France . The greater part of what was the French Sudan is now known as the Upper Senegal and Niger Colony ( see Senegal , French West Africa ) . All these live now under the Sovereignty Status of France .

The second group of the Sudan States is almost entirely within the British protectorate of Northern Nigeria . It includes the Sultanate of Sokoto and its dependent emirates Kano , Bida , Zaria , etc — , of and the Ancient Sultanate of Bornu , which , with Adamawa , is partly within the German Colony of Cameroon ( see Nigeria and Cameroon ).

The third or Central group of Sudan States is formed of the sultanates of Bagirmi with Kanem and Wadai . Wadai was the last State of the Sudan to come under European influence , its conquest being effected in 1909 . This third group is included in French Congo .

The fourth group consists of the States conquered during the 18th century by the Turkey/Arab Egyptians and became and still now under the joint control of Great Britain and Egypt of today . These countries were / are known collectively as the Anglo / Egyptian Sudan which became independent as todays : The Republic State of Sudan including the young newly fogged / caved out State : South Sudan but which is still under the Anglo / Egyptian Sovereignty - Authority .

NOTE : Lado is not a part of these present Independent Republic States of Sudan ( North and South Sudan States ) at all .

The Anglo / Egyptian Sudan , the region which before the revolt of the Arabized black tribes under Mahommed Ahmed in 1881-84 was known as the '' Egyptian Sudan '' has , since its reconquest by the Anglo / Egyptian expeditions of 1896-8 , been the Area under the joint Sovereignty of Great Britain and Egypt . The limits of this condominium differ slightly from those of the Egyptian Sudan of the pre Mahdi Arabised period .

It is bounded :

North : by Egypt ( the 22nd parallel of N. lat. being the dividing line ) ,

East : by the Red Sea , Eritrea and Abyssinia / Ethiopia ,

South : by Lado and Belgian Congo / D R Congo.

West : by French Congo / Central African Republic .

North of Darfur , is the Libyan Desert , in which the western and northern frontiers meet . Here the boundary is undefined , ( this is the real cause of War trouble in Darfur of the Boundry Issue at this very time of 21st centuary ) .

The Anglo/Egyptian Sudan however forms the compact territory extending south wards to the north border line of Lado ( Lado , which has never fallen Legally under British Authority till todate ) brings the whole of the Nile valley from the Equatorial lakes to the Mediterranean under the control of Great Britain .
In short to say , The Anglo / Egyptian Sudan extends north to south about in a direct line , and west to east about also in a direct line . It
covers 950,000 sq. m. , being about one / fourth the area of Europe ; what follows the term Sudan is used to indicate the Anglo / Egyptian condominium only .

But there has been and is still now what is boiling in the Cocoons of the Anglo/America minds is to capture and destroy Lado as the KAARI / Kingdom State ( cf : The History of Lado when Lado freed Herself from Egypt from 700 b.c ) still in Africa to show to the world that Africa has finally been completely colonised by the Western European world as enshrined in the Berlin Treaty . This , they have been doing and finally by creating a new State called a Christian Southern Sudan State in Sudan - '' South sudan State '' to replace the political Indentity Issue of the State Kingdom
of Lado which became a known ( Modern State Kingdom by 9th May 864 a.d and with its built up Constitution of 9th May 1772 ) . LADO KINGDOM has remained hidden by the European Scolars to the rest of the World to know , yet the Kingdom has been and is still so , one of the oldest State Kingdoms of Africa and in the World History at large , just like Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland is or like the other European Kingdoms which are still existing today in the Continent of Europe . By the way there are more Kingdoms in the Continent of Europe than in the African
Continent till todate in 3,000 a.d . Why is that Europeans want to destroy African Kingdoms only ? Why Kingdom of Lado in particular ?

The fighting going on in the Sudan Central Africa was and is all for that . Destroy the Kingdom of Lado . The war machinery is being controlled by the Anglo/Americans now for the COLONISATION OF LADO . The question is really , have they succeced now by the Creation of South Sudan State as such ?

As Africans are considered FOOLISH AND STUPID AND SO BACKWARD in knowledge , some Africans already believe so , that South Sudan is an African formed State by the Africans through by the African Union . The Answer is No and No in Lado , the Ladoans don't believe it . South Sudan is the Blue Print of Britain being supported by her ally USA to Occupy Lado in the Partitioned form and for Lado to remain under the Sudan Anglo / Egyptian / Belgium powers over Lado . The Local Administration of Lado is being run however for them by the Governments of : Cairo capital of Egypt , Khartum / Juba capitals of both North and South Sudan , Kampala capital of Uganda and Kinsasa capital of D R Congo / former Zaire .

Brief note on Egypt and Role of Egypt over Lado :

From 700 B.C —— Lado people struggled for their Independence from Egyptian Pharaonic Reign over them in the period of the last fall of Pharao ' s dynasty which was intensified by the Power struggle between the Egyptian High Priests and the Pharao couple : Tut Ank Amon and Queen Neferite .

The fall of the World's Super power , the Pharaohnic Dominium , collapsed and opened up to the rising of new Kingdoms of the North Africa Egypt , which later was divided into three Kingdoms by then : of Upper , Middle , and Lower Egypt Kingdoms . Nuba people , Makuria people and Lado people fought side by side during the rebellion in Egypt to free themselves .

While the people of Nuba chose to settle around the foot hills of Mt. Nuba Territory , thus becoming Kingdom of Nuba and together with the Kingdom of Makuria they formed the Kingdoms of North Sudan , The Lado people moved onto settle on the foot hills of the Mountain, which they named Mt. Lado in 687 b.c , a territory lying in the Sudan Central Africa within the watershade of the '' Nile and Congo rivers '' , and with the southern tip end of territory extending up to Lake Ombizako ( a name in Luu language of Lado ) , today called / nicknamed " Lake Albert " in the foreign English language .

The war lords and the rich Ottomans decided to invade the areas of these territories ( of the different Kingdoms at a time ) , south of Sahara desert ( Sudan ) , of which according to the Ottomans, belonged to and was the property of the territory of Egypt . The Ottomans occupied Egypt in 1517 .

In 1821 , the Ottoman empire's invasion together with the Egyptians succeced in occupying ( The Turco /Egyptian occupation ) , of the vast areas of the North Sudan , that is to say the Kingdoms of Nuba and Makuria to plunder the blacks of their gold , ivory , timber , other natural resources and the involved Slave trades .

In 1871 , the European - Ottoman occupying forces ( The Turco / Egyptian forces ) this time extended their occupation of Lado to which they gave the name ( EQUATORIA REGION PROVINCE OF EGYPT ) as a seperate Region with its seperate Governor General named Sir Samuel White Baker an English National / Subject who worked directly under the Supreme Authority of the Khedive of the Ottoman empire . The Sudan of Nuba and Makuria had their own Governor Generals nominated independently from Lado / Equatoria by the Ottoman Turco / Egyptian empire .

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